Error in Colvis

Error in Colvis

Mr Arslan JawedMr Arslan Jawed Posts: 9Questions: 6Answers: 1


I am get following error when I click on Column Visibility button.

dataTables.buttons.min.js:34 Uncaught TypeError: c.inst._popover is not a function
at s.<anonymous> (dataTables.buttons.min.js:34)
at (<anonymous>)
at (datatables.min.js:136)
at s.<anonymous> (dataTables.buttons.min.js:34)
at s.popover (datatables.min.js:138)
at s.action (dataTables.buttons.min.js:28)
at k (datatables.min.js:229)
at HTMLButtonElement.<anonymous> (datatables.min.js:230)
at HTMLButtonElement.dispatch (datatables.min.js:15)
at HTMLButtonElement.r.handle (datatables.min.js:15)
(anonymous) @ dataTables.buttons.min.js:34
map @ datatables.min.js:136
(anonymous) @ dataTables.buttons.min.js:34
(anonymous) @ datatables.min.js:138
action @ dataTables.buttons.min.js:28
k @ datatables.min.js:229
(anonymous) @ datatables.min.js:230
dispatch @ datatables.min.js:15
r.handle @ datatables.min.js:15


  • colincolin Posts: 9,165Questions: 0Answers: 1,532

    It doesn't happen here, so it's something specific to your code, so we'd need to see it operation. Information on how to create a test case (if you aren't able to link to the page you are working on) is available here.



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