SearchPanes, Is there a way to know which columns is a searchpane related.

SearchPanes, Is there a way to know which columns is a searchpane related.

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I'm implementing a feature for my website and I need to get the column that the search pane is applying its search/filter...
I've tried a lot of things but haven't found an easy way to get the column from a searchpane... or the other way around, get the searchpane using the column, I think that this may also work for what I need to achieve.

I think this may be troublesome for the custom panes, but in this case I don't have any, what I do have is that the panes are active for certain columns...

But what I really need is that get the column of certain pane, or the pane that belongs to certain column.

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    There doesn't appear to an easy way to map back. The only option I can think of is to get the placeholder attribute of the input element in the header, as that's the column name.

    Out of interest, what's the use case for this? There may other options as the API is extensive.


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    @colin I have many cases where I need to relate the column to the searchpane, for example this is a requested feature and it is about displaying the search pane for an specific column when clicked on a button in the column header. Something like the demo in ag-grid website.
    So for that feature I have the panes in a hidden container, and when the filter for that column is called, I show the container, hide all but that searchpane...
    There are other stuff, but they are way more complicated to explain...
    But yeah right now I'm using the placeholder attribute, but that seems too tricky for me, but is the best I got at the moment.

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