Two field label in option

Two field label in option

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Hello Everone !

I need to put two name in label (in bold here) (on line " **** ->label( 'TYPE'+'NUMERO' )****"

 * Example PHP implementation used for the joinLinkTable.html example
$db->sql( 'set names utf8' ); 
Editor::inst( $db, 'dossier' )->pkey('dossier.ID_DOSSIER')
    Field::inst( 'dossier.D_NOM' ),
        Field::inst( 'dossier.ID_CREATOR' ),
        Field::inst( 'dossier.E_ID' )
            ->options( Options::inst()
                ->table( 'equipements' )
                ->value( 'E_ID' )
       **** ->label( 'TYPE'+'NUMERO' )****
    ->validator( Validate::dbValues() ),
        Field::inst( 'equipements.TYPE' )
    ->leftJoin( 'equipements',     'equipements.E_ID',          '=', 'dossier.E_ID' )

I dont know how to make two fields.. Thanks a lot !


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