How to have a sub select in Field::inst() ?

How to have a sub select in Field::inst() ?

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Hi, I have this sub select, he work fine but is too long for 'Field::inst'
What is the method for correct this ?

        Field::inst("(SELECT count(*) FROM llx_commandedet as cd LEFT JOIN llx_commande as c ON c.rowid = cd.fk_commande LEFT JOIN llx_commandedet_extrafields as cde ON cd.rowid = cde.fk_object LEFT JOIN llx_commande_extrafields as ce ON ce.fk_object = c.rowid WHERE cde.fk_statut = 3 ) as stock_clientele"), //AND cd.fk_product=fk_product AND ce.fk_point_relais=fk_soc

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    Currently the only way to handle this in Editor is to use a VIEW.


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