datatables search , ignore regex

datatables search , ignore regex

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I have a datatables with 9 columns, I have back end server and pagination enabled. It seems that when I search any of the individual columns they're usually pretty fast 5-10 seconds. Although when searching the URL column specifically, there is usually a long delay or it times out all together. I believe this is because the columns are somehow thinking it is regex because of the format of the url, for example: ** ** if I was to search for this url it would be very slow and usually time out. However, If i search for forums/post/question, it would be nearly instant. Is there a way to ignore regex in column searches or another solution for this problem?


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    I assume you're calling column().search(), the second parameter determines whether it's a regular expression, though the default is false. It might be SQL script on the server, so you could always strips those asterisks out before issuing the query.


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