columnDefs className: is concatenation behavior intended?

columnDefs className: is concatenation behavior intended?

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Link to test case:
1.10.25 -
1.12.1 -

Description of problem:
I recently updated from version 1.10.25 to 1.12.1 and noticed that className in columnDefs seems to behave differently now.

    columnDefs: [
        { targets: [0, -1], className: 'text-success'}, 
        { targets: '_all', className: 'text-danger' },

In v1.10.25, in this case, the first and last columns would only have the 'text-success' class and all others 'text-danger'.
In v1.12.1, it seems that the first and last columns have both 'text-success' and 'text-danger' classes.

Is this the intended behavior?
And if that's the case, is there a different way to achieve this, apart from setting the desired classes on all columns individually?

(It seems like the table headers in v1.10.25 already had this concatenation behavior)


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    Hi Nero,

    Yes that was an intentional change, committed here with the discussion that lead to it here.

    I can see how it will cause issues in your own use case though. You are correct, with 1.12+ you'll need to assign them individually rather than having them override. I need to have a think about how we might be able to do that as well as keeping the newer implementation...


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