Rowgroup sum and total

Rowgroup sum and total

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I wanted to share the code that i made to use rowgroup plugin to get total and subtotal of each subgroup

Hope will help someone, and if there are some part of code that can be improved, i'll be glad to learn from that.

One note: if i enable stateSave, the default rowgroup (clicking on gray one, or ordering by column 0), get's messed up. Any guess?



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    Thanks for sharing this with. Regarding your question, you might want to ask in the rowGrouping plug-ins issue list. it isn't supported as part of the DataTables project as it is third party software.


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    I don't think that he is using the row grouping plugin for this. From what I can determine (and maybe I'm wrong), his shared code is just a modified version of your row grouping code taken from the Advanced Initialization Examples.

    BTW, I would be grateful if the author of the row grouping plugin could make it work with dataTables version 1.10. too.

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    I am too looking for sub totals on the groups as well as expand/collapse functionality.

    I am using the latest version of datatables and I can see it does support grouping, but not group totals or expand collapse.

    There is then a plugin which handles expand /collapse but not group totals.

    I would rather avoid using a plugin if we can get it working using datatbales itself.

    @allan, do you recommend using the plugin mentioned above to try and have grouping / sub-totals and expand collapse or will there be a solution soon built into DT?

    @kingjia90 - thanks a lot for the example on jsfiddle mate, really helps to see an example of the you plan on doing expand / collapse in that example instead of clicking on the groups to resort?


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    Hi, I managed to figure out the expand / collapse on groups by adding this click event to the code

    // Collapse / Expand Click Groups
    $('.grid tbody').on( 'click', '', function () {
    var rowsCollapse = $(this).nextUntil('.group');

    where the hidden class is set to display 'none'...

    I updated a fiddle here for anyone looking to do the same

    The remaining problem I have is that TableTools does not export the group headers. Has anyone got that working?

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    @redwall, thanks for sharing that modified fiddle to allow expand/collapse of the groups. One thing that I've noticed is that if you sort on any column, the groups are all rearranged (unlike the rowGrouping plugin behavior which I prefer). Furthermore, there is no way to get back the original row groups except by refreshing the page.

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    You're genius. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the fiddle.

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    @redwall, thank you very much that you share such an useful example for the people in the world!;)

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