BUG: scroller + state saving + ajax

BUG: scroller + state saving + ajax

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The official example in documentation on this site reproduces this bug:

  1. Clear your local storage and go to https://datatables.net/extensions/scroller/examples/initialisation/state_saving.html
  2. Sort by First Name by clicking the column heading.
  3. Scroll down until Alea Burris is the top row.
  4. Refresh.

Only Alea Burris and Alea Delaney are displayed (along with the rest of page 1's data above them). The rest of the rows pop in after you have scrolled several rows up or down.


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    I guess I have to pay to get a known and documented bug fixed. :(

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    I did the same thing you did, and got a different result... I think mines worse. lol


    Allan will definitely be able to fix this, he just has a pretty big queue in front of it.

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    I'm a bit slow on this one - sorry - however, the good news is that it is fixed in the nightly version of Scroller and should be released as a stable version tomorrow.


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