New records

New records

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I am newbie and trying to figure out a way to use a bar code scanner to enter on a form multiple items and then submit. This will create a new individual record for each bar code scanned. Basically bulk record creator.

Scan Barcode 123
Scan Barcode 434
Scan Barcode 733

Click 'Submit'

New record 123
New record 434
New Record 733

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Could you give a bit more information here please? Is this using Editor, or are you using some custom code to add new items? Is it a row in the DataTable per item scanned? What have you tried? If not using Editor, then row.add(). If you are using Editor use create().


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    Hello Allan,

    First off thank you for the fast response. I am using Editor. I am using Data Tables/ Editor & SQL database. I wanted a way to create a button to load a form that would allow a user to start scanning bar codes in bulk. After scanning 20 +/- items they would click submit and new records would be created for each item scanned. Rather than creating one record at a time using the new button. I want to do bulk new records. My goal is to decrease entry time for the end user.

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    Answer ✓

    You could do that using the Editor create() method and its multi-row editing abilities.

    My suggestion would be to read the information in from the barcodes into a local object / array that you could then use to populate the Editor form when the save button is pressed.


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