Rotating/Transposing Table

Rotating/Transposing Table

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I need to implement the transpose option in data table. I think there isn't any official datatable plugin that can help me out. I found some discussions over here

So, I am thinking of implementing this. But the only problem is that I couldn't find the specified plugin over there, also the link is expired. Any guidance in this case would help a lot.

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    You are correct - there is no plug-in for transposition in DataTables. The thread you linked to is really old and I suspect it wouldn't work with current versions of DataTables even if it was still present.

    It might be possible using CSS, but it isn't something I've tried out myself.


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    @allan , Thanks for the guidance. I couldn't make use of the css though. Instead, I tried implementing concept from the original thread (added a pivot table and built tr accordingly) on drawCallback and it worked fine.

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    CSS transpose method (apply from second line until end of the table):
    <tr style="float:left;">
    but I have used the code below for show 3 rows as table with 3 columns:
    <tr style="float:left; width:33.33%;">

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