Button "columnToggle" - show processing while working?

Button "columnToggle" - show processing while working?

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I'm using a button that extends "columnToggle" and when you click on the button (that will end up toggling the visibility on a set of 5 columns), it takes a few seconds for the columns to be shown/hide. Is there a way to put a spinner or processing message on the screen during that few second lag time? Like maybe a way to extend the action and make custom calls before and after the columnToggle action itself?


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    Could you try using columnsToggle? It should perform better since it will only redraw the table once.

    Aside from that this plug-in might be useful to show a processing display.


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    i will have the same question for a 'colvisRestore' button, i tried

    action: function ( e, dt, node, config ) {
    $.fn.dataTable.ext.buttons.colvisRestore.action.call(this, e, dt, node, config);
    this.processing( false );

    but can't see the process indicator

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