update individual row using ajax call

update individual row using ajax call

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Hi alan,

i need to update individual row using ajax call...
how can i do it.. without making whole table ajax reload

for example...

see i have two rows

       col1  , col2   , col2  , col3

row1 ab , ca , cc, cm

row2 tt , rr , ll , oo

i need to update row2 of col3 data and i need make some background calculation in my back-end work..

so i don't want to reload all rows .. so i need to reload only row2 using ajax call ..

because if we have many rows to reload ..it will take more time to reload

so please help me out



  • allanallan Posts: 52,493Questions: 1Answers: 8,010 Site admin

    Sounds like you want to use row().data() to update a single row. Make your Ajax call to get the new data and then use that method to set the data for the row.

    If you only need to update a single cell, use cell().data().


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