AJAX load problem

AJAX load problem

zmh021810zmh021810 Posts: 5Questions: 2Answers: 0

Hi, I am learning the example for how to load the 5k rows:

Link to test case: https://datatables.net/extensions/searchbuilder/examples/performance/searchBuilder5k.html

then I want to do the same thing, so I do all the same thing, u can see the picture, as the end of the html I write the ajax part

the ajax link I use my laptop path: C:/projects/Programming_project/django/ceshi/ajax/data.txt

and in the data.txt file, I just copy the the content from the example ( the 5k rows)

I think everything is OK, but when I run the html, it shows "loading..." and never show the table

Anything i did wrong?

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  • kthorngrenkthorngren Posts: 10,585Questions: 25Answers: 2,409
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    Web browser's won't allow for ajax loading a local file for security reasons. You will need a webserver to serve the file.


  • zmh021810zmh021810 Posts: 5Questions: 2Answers: 0


    Thanks for that, OK, seems AJAX does not support local file.

    Well, do u know other ways to load large table? currently I have a table with 2700 columns and 500 rows....personally a lit big file

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