Load mysql data with database as login

Load mysql data with database as login

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Hello guys
I've been trying for a few days but I'm almost giving up.

I'm making a vehicle registration system, which has admin user and supplier user (common users).
I would like the admin user to visualize all the registrations via datatables (this I achieved with the standard code kkk) but what I really wanted was that when each supplier (common user) logs into the system, he would only visualize their registrations, without loading the of others.
Can someone help me? Do I need to finish my project? i'm not finding anything for me to finish this.


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    Are you using a web framework and if so does it support user login?

    You will need to create a login solution for your web page.

    Once the user is authenticate you can send the user id to the server using ajax.data, similar to this example. Then your server script can query for all the data for the admin or filter the data for the supplier user.


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