Double Quotes Filter Not Working

Double Quotes Filter Not Working

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I'm using a DataTable initialized with the following code:

$( '#builders-datatable' ).DataTable( { 
  scrollX: true, 
  pageLength: 50, 
  pagingType: 'full_numbers', 
  order: [ [ 1, 'asc' ] ], 
  dom: 'lBfrtip', 
  buttons: buttonSettings 
} );

It's working like a charm, except filtering with double quotes is not yielding an exact match.

For example, if I search for "car"

I should only see rows with "car"

Instead, I'm getting "car" "carpet" "car wash" etc.

The expectation is I should only receive "car" as a result since I searched "car" with double quotes.

I'm using DataTables version 1.11.3.

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    I thought I answered a similar question recently. You asked this same question in this thread. Please don't post duplicate questions. If you have follow up questions please post them in your original thread.


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