Datatables using ajax

Datatables using ajax

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Hi guys!

I'd like to know how can i create a datatable using ajax. Nowadays, I have a lot of lines (100.000) in my query and my html (client side) takes a lot of time to render the grid because of data's volume. As a result, I changed my strategy. I saw in your documentation that it's possible to process just 50 or less at a time using ajax and serverside. I confess that I try some examples but, unfortunately without success. I will share some print screen of my code to you see if i make mistakes.

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    For that amount of data you'll need to use server-side processing, enable serverSide. The protocol is discussed here. Also see examples here. If you download the DataTables repo, there are examples of the server-side scripts in /examples/server_side/scripts,



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