Inline edit: tabbing question

Inline edit: tabbing question

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Description of problem
My datatable has 10 fields, 5 of which are not editable. The editable fields have a class "editable" while the non-editable fields have a class "nonEditable". I have enabled tabbing across fields with the following code on my DataTable declaration:

keys: {
keys: [ 9 ],
editor: editor,
editOnFocus: true

Tabbing works as expected for fields that are editable; however, when I tab to a field that is not editable (which could happen by editing a field and then hitting tab), I get an error: Uncaught Unable to automatically determine field from source. Please specify the field name. I did not declare the non-editable fields in the "fields" section of the Editor declaration because they're not editable.

My Question
Is there a way to specify that the non-editable fields should be skipped when a user tabs to them?


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