C# - Datetime search without using LIKE

C# - Datetime search without using LIKE

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I have an editor table with some Datetime columns, defined in C# with:

.Field(new Field("Main.TestDate")
        new ValidationOpts { Message = "Please enter a date in the format dd.MM.yyyy." }

In JS I simply have:

    label: "Test Date:",
    name: "Main.TestDate",
    type: "datetime"

I have also individual column server-side searching, which is working fine except for the date fields.

The problem is when I search for a date (using any string, like 09.08.2022 or 2002-08-09): the Editor generates a query using a LIKE statement, which in MS SQL Server is not working.

Let's forgot the format, but for example, if I search for 2002-08-09, the resulting query (when using the editor debug) is:

WHERE [Main].[TestDate] LIKE '2002-08-09'

which is not working in MS SQL Server.

The query should be:

WHERE [Main].[TestDate] = '2002-08-09'

How can I fix?



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    I am surprised. Why is "LIKE" not working with SQL Server? I remember using it when I still used SQL Server.

    This here states the same: https://www.sqlservertutorial.net/sql-server-basics/sql-server-like/

    I am not the author of this but I don't think there is a fix in case you really can't use LIKE. Then you would have to drop serverSide, I think.

    This LIKE looks wrong:
    LIKE '2002-08-09'
    It should be
    LIKE '%2002-08-09%'

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    sorry but my first message had a typo in the query.

    The issue is that LIKE is not working with datetimes.


    If I have a row with the following date: 2022-07-10 00:00:00.000

    This returns the row: SELECT * FROM ... WHERE Date = '2022-07-10'

    This doesn't: SELECT * FROM ... WHERE Date LIKE '%2022-07-10%'

    I need a way to tell the Editor to use the = and not the LIKE operator.


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    I checked this and there wasn't anything applicable to your case. I guess you will need to drop serverSide or live with it.

    You might be able to change the SQL server settings or report a bug to Microsoft. It works fine with MariaDB!

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    Please, try divided request process and read params for date search and add custom query before process all data for request.

    First part:
    Read dates values
    minValueDate = request.Form.GetValues("minDate").FirstOrDefault();
    maxValueDate = request.Form.GetValues("maxDate").FirstOrDefault();

    Second part:

    var editor = new Editor(db, "my_table")
    .Field(new Field("my_fields");

    Third part:

    if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(minValueDate)){
    var response= editor
    .Where(q => q.Where("convert(varchar, [created], 23)", $"(SELECT convert(varchar, [created], 23) FROM [my_table] where CONVERT(VARCHAR(25), [created], 23) LIKE '%{minValueDate}%')", "IN",false))
    var respuesta = Json(response);
    return Json(response);
    var response= editor
    return Json(response);

    Frontend Ajax Request:

    ajax: {
    url: urlApi,
    type: 'POST',
    data: function (d) {
    d.minDate = $('#min').val();
    d.maxDate = $('#max').val() !== '' ? $('#max').val() : moment().toDate().format('yyyy-MM-dd');


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