Formidable Forms & CloudTables

Formidable Forms & CloudTables

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I understand how to create a View from a form in Formidable Forms, and then make that useable as a Datatable.

Is it possible to use CloudTables in the same way?

The Editor and all those awesome options are what I need but I can’t find anything/anywhere about how to make it possible.


  • allanallan Posts: 57,730Questions: 1Answers: 9,203 Site admin
    edited January 24

    You could use the CloudTables API to insert information from the form into the CloudTable data set. I don't expect it to be particularly trivial though, as that isn't a work flow that I've currently optimised. I've largely assumed that if you are entering information into CloudTables you would be doing it through its own interface, unless you are scripting data input, in which case the API is there.

    Do Formidable offer something that CloudTables' forms doesn't which you need?


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