Text overlapping in columns

Text overlapping in columns

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Debugger code (debug.datatables.net):
I dont have errors

Error messages shown:
Description of problem:
When i add some rows in the datatable, text in one column is overlaped.

This is my datatable declaration and configuration

And my HTML

Im using datatable ver. 1.13.6 and boostrap "4.3.1"


  • kthorngrenkthorngren Posts: 20,791Questions: 26Answers: 4,860

    Based on where the paging buttons are it looks like the table is not the full width of the container. For us to debug we will need to see the problem. Please post a link to your page or build a test case replicating the issue.

    Here are some typical issue:

    1. Not using the Datatables style framework integration files. Use the [download builder]( to get the proper files for Bootstrap 4.
    2. Table is initialized hidden then, when shown, it is not the full width. Use columns.adjust() when the table is shown. See the example.

    If this doesn't help then please provide a test case replicating the issue so we can help debug.


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