Addign a new row without reloading the ajax

Addign a new row without reloading the ajax

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    var table = $('#ProcedureLog').DataTable({
        dom: "Bfrtip",
        ajax: {
            "url": "../ajax/at/ProcedureCancellationLog.php",
            "type": "POST"
        paging: false,
        columns: [
            { data: "id" },
            { data: "Reason" },
        select: true,
        buttons: [],

lets say this is my table and I have a custom button to add a new entry in the ProcedureCancellationLog table. So, right nwo when i add a new entry on a different tab and come back to the datatable page tab i have added a event listener which reloads the ajax and get the new entry but is there a way where we can add a new enrty without reloading the ajax i..e manually looking for a new entry every 10-15 seconds same funcitonality as when we create a new entry inline it adds it witjout reloading the ajax.

null, {
text: 'New',
action: function (e, dt, button, config) {"newDailyLog.php", "_blank");


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