How to return datetime to use in a function?

How to return datetime to use in a function?

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I am working on a reporting project for forklifts at my company. The reports from the forklift are done by the operators and are uploaded automatically to our database. I created a table to display these reports that will show a pass or fail. Currently what I am doing is displaying every report one by one. I would like for the report to show just the time, operator and asset. Then when you click a link, within the table, it will display all the reports for that timeframe. Currently when I click on the link I get an error code that just returns "viewReport(2023-07-22 07:57:58)" with an error that says "Uncaught SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list". This is how I currently have my columns set up within my datatable.

columns: [
      { data: null, render: function (data, type, row){
        return "<a class=\"default-link\" onClick=\"viewReport(" + data.datetime + ")\">" + data.datetime;
      } },
      { data: "operator" },
      { data: "asset" },
      { data: "inspection" },
      { data: "status",
        render: function(data,type){
          if (type === 'display'){
              if(data === 'pass'){
                return "<span style='color:green'>\u2714</span>";
              } else if (data === 'fail'){
                return "<span style='color:red'>\u2718</span>";
            return data;
          return data;

What could I add to my code to allow my code to return the date/time and allow me to display all the reports with that date/time? As I said currently the code it return the full date and time but I believe it is trying to subtract the numbers instead of seeing them as a string.

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    viewReport(2023-07-22 07:57:58)

    You will need to place the datetime value inside quotes. Since you are using double quotes for the a attributes you will need to use single quotes to turn the datetime into a string, something like this:

    return "<a class=\"default-link\" onClick=\"viewReport('" + data.datetime + "')\">" + data.datetime;

    It is recommended to use delegated events instead of onclick() to create click events as shown in this example. I built a simple example, based on your code, to demonstrate.


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