Short name giving nicknames

Short name giving nicknames

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Recently, when I was browsing through the examples, I saw a page that gave a nickname to a data that was T. Rixon and gave results when searched as Tiger Rixon, but I can't find it again, what is the name of this feature?

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    It's probably a rendering example using columns.render, something like this one here. You can set display and filter differently - it's not quite that in the example, but it should get you on the right path!


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    Maybe you are looking for the Fuzzy Search Plugin.


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    I had never seen this plugin before. I like it! Need to search through the plugin directory a little more. I don't see it documented under Plug-ins.

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    First of all, I am grateful for your valuable help. What I want to do is as follows; I cannot get the correct result when trying to filter the value of Turkish Lira (1.000.000,000,00 ₺) in the table with searchBuilder. When the format is 1000000,00, I can get results, but this looks very bad because it is not a correct representation, is it possible for you to advise me on how to do this? Normal currencies have a format of $1,000,000.00 but Turkish Lira has a format of 1.000.000,00 ₺

    @Wooly65 @kthorngren @colin

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    Is the number in the original data unformatted? In which case you could use the number renderer.

     render: DataTable.render.number( null, null, 2, '', '₺' )

    for example. I think SearchBuilder will pick that up automatically as well.


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    @allan Its worked Thanks <3

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