DataTable.destroy does not remove checkbox from table header

DataTable.destroy does not remove checkbox from table header

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I've recently upgraded to DataTables v2 and appreciate the improved checkboxes feature on the Select plugin. One thing I noticed though - if I call destroy() on my DataTable, the header <input> field remains and I have to remove it manually like this:

$('#main-table > thead > tr > th > input').remove();

Not a big problem, but I would have expected the HTML to be reset to the original state, per the documentation.



  • colincolin Posts: 15,226Questions: 1Answers: 2,593

    The same happens with the checkboxes in the rows too (in this example). Arguably, both should be reset.


  • allanallan Posts: 62,484Questions: 1Answers: 10,262 Site admin

    Thanks for flagging this up. I've committed a fix to address this issue and it will be in the next Select release.

    It is also a good point that Colin makes. On destroy I don't currently "derender" cells - the data is left in its rendered state, so it isn't just checkboxes, but dates and numbers have this artifact as well. Possibly it should be reverted, but I suspect that might add a large amount of code for something that has never come up before! I'll have a think about it.


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    Great, thanks for the quick response!

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