We want to Know logic of table row sorting in data table

We want to Know logic of table row sorting in data table

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We want to Know logic of table row sorting in data table

In our project data show correct but i want to highlight the latest record but i dont get i value in while loop . Its shows randomly value of i if we printed

Please give me proper guidance


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    There isn't much detail of how you are designating the latest record. You might want to use row().node() using a row-selector that will choose the row you want. If this doesn't help please provide a test case replicating your issue so we can help.


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    Hi kthorngren,
    Thanks for replied on my queries. My details description is as.

    I want to highlight, first 10 records or first 5 records. How I can find row id which is display in ascending order. If i applied logic manually for while loop with variable i and increment it by 1 then its not showing me the value of i variable in order like 1,2,3,4.etc/ Its randomly shows.

    My problem is , I cant able to find first 5 or 10 records in datatables which currently shows in ascending/descending order. I want add custom css class to highlight it.

    would this information helpful you to understand better for my queries. I am using DataTables-1.10.12 version.

    Looking forward to hear you.


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    Hi @devidas@123 ,

    You can get the current order by using the API like this api.rows({order:'applied', page: 'current'}).

    Alternatively, if you just want to colour the top few rows, you could do it on each draw, like this,



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