Select2 add new option

Select2 add new option

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Hi guys,

i'm stuck into a problem using select2.

That's the situation:
1. I already have my table working
2. There is a column fieldtype select2 that show results and it works with autocomplete.

Now i need to add a new option when enter is pressed and if the item is not found.

Look at the image

Can someone help me?

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    Maybe this informations could help:

    in the table definition there is this column:
    { data: '', editField: '', className: 'editable'},

    in the editor definition there is this field:
    {label: "Agent Group:", name: "", type: "select2"},

    options are retrived by ajax call:
    var group = [];
    function(data) {
    var option = {};
    $.each(data, function(i, e) {
    option.label =;
    option.value = e.idGroup;
    option = {};
    ).done(function() {

    and submit is on blur:
    $('#agentsTable').on( 'click', 'tbody td.editable', function (e) { editor.inline( table.cell( this ).index(), { submit: 'allIfChanged', onBlur: 'submit' }); });

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    In Select2 dynamic option creation is called tagging and their documentation has more information about it. The key is to enable the tags: true option for the Select2 configuration.


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