Miss-aligned columns when zooming

Miss-aligned columns when zooming

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Hi, I've noticed a similar question was asked before here: https://datatables.net/forums/discussion/47676
I was wondering if there's any update from 2.5 years ago? Debugging a bit does show CSS values with 3 decimals, so it could be a rounding problem, I've tried calling resizeColumns, reload the page to no avail, any help is appreciated

Link to test case:
Description of problem:
The columns become mis-aligned when zooming


  • colincolin Posts: 12,948Questions: 0Answers: 2,206

    This thread should help, it's asking the same thing.



  • dalvarezmartinez1dalvarezmartinez1 Posts: 2Questions: 1Answers: 0

    Thanks colin, so it is believed this is a Chrome problem only, unrelated to the CSS rounding problems and therefore it will not be fixed

  • allanallan Posts: 54,909Questions: 1Answers: 8,606 Site admin

    That is correct. If it happened at 100% zoom then we'd fix it, but we have no control over how the browser does its zoom, so I don't think there is anything that we can do to fix this.


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