Converting parameter names for 1.10

DataTables 1.10 introduces the use of camelCase notation rather than the old Hungarian notation style that was used in v1.9 and earlier. The new API also follows this new naming scheme.

The change is fully backwards compatible and you can continue to use the old versions of the parameter names and API methods as you were before. However, if you wish to update your use of the parameters and API methods to the new way, use the following tables to map between the two parameter name forms. Most of them are straightforward conversions from Hungarian to camelCase, but a few have also been renamed in the new options and API for naming consistency.


A DataTable can now be created using:

  • $(...).dataTable() - creates a DataTable and returns a jQuery object (this is the 1.9- style)
  • $(...).DataTable() - creates a DataTable and returns a new DataTables API instance

Both methods are available in DataTables 1.10+.


Hungarian camelCase Meaning
aaData data Data to use as the display data for the table.
aaSorting order Initial order (sort) to apply to the table
aaSortingFixed orderFixed Ordering to always be applied to the table
aDataSort columns.orderData Define multiple column ordering as the default order for a column
aLengthMenu lengthMenu Change the options in the page length select list.
aTargets columnDefs.targets Specify the columns that the column definition should apply to.
aoColumns columns Column configuration array.
aoColumnDefs columnDefs Column definitions configuration array.
aoSearchCols searchCols Define an initial search for individual columns.
asSorting columns.orderSequence Order direction application sequence
asStripeClasses stripeClasses Set the zebra stripe class names for the rows in the table.
bAutoWidth autoWidth Feature control DataTables' smart column width handling
bDeferRender deferRender Feature control deferred rendering for additional speed of initialisation.
bDestroy destroy Destroy any existing table matching the selector and replace with the new options.
bFilter searching Feature control search (filtering) abilities
bInfo info Feature control table information display field
bJQueryUI jQueryUI Use markup and classes for the table to be themed by jQuery UI ThemeRoller.
bLengthChange lengthChange Feature control the end user's ability to change the paging display length of the table.
bPaginate paging Enable or disable table pagination.
bProcessing processing Feature control the processing indicator.
bRetrieve retrieve Retrieve an existing DataTables instance
bScrollAutoCss Removed
bScrollCollapse scrollCollapse Allow the table to reduce in height when a limited number of rows are shown.
bScrollInfinite Removed
bSearchable columns.searchable Enable or disable filtering on the data in this column
bServerSide serverSide Feature control DataTables' server-side processing mode.
bSort ordering Feature control ordering (sorting) abilities in DataTables.
bSortable columns.orderable Enable or disable ordering on this column
bSortCellsTop orderCellsTop Control which cell the order event handler will be applied to in a column
bSortClasses orderClasses Highlight the columns being ordered in the table's body
bStateSave stateSave State saving - restore table state on page reload
bUseRendered Removed Use columns.render
bVisible columns.visible Enable or disable the display of this column
fnCookieCallback Removed
fnCreatedCell columns.createdCell Cell created callback to allow DOM manipulation
fnCreatedRow createdRow Callback for whenever a TR element is created for the table's body.
fnDrawCallback drawCallback Function that is called every time DataTables performs a draw.
fnFooterCallback footerCallback Footer display callback function.
fnFormatNumber formatNumber Number formatting callback function.
fnHeaderCallback headerCallback Header display callback function.
fnInfoCallback infoCallback Table summary information display callback.
fnInitComplete initComplete Initialisation complete callback.
fnPreDrawCallback preDrawCallback Pre-draw callback.
fnRender Removed Use columns.render
fnRowCallback rowCallback Row draw callback.
fnServerData ajax Load data for the table's content from an Ajax source
fnServerParams ajax Load data for the table's content from an Ajax source
fnStateLoad stateLoadCallback Callback that defines where and how a saved state should be loaded
fnStateLoaded stateLoaded State loaded callback.
fnStateLoadParams stateLoadParams State loaded - data manipulation callback
fnStateSave stateSaveCallback Callback that defines how the table state is stored and where
fnStateSaveParams stateSaveParams State save - data manipulation callback
iCookieDuration stateDuration Saved state validity duration
iDataSort columns.orderData Define multiple column ordering as the default order for a column
iDeferLoading deferLoading Delay the loading of server-side data until second draw
iDisplayLength pageLength Change the initial page length (number of rows per page)
iDisplayStart displayStart Initial paging start point
iScrollLoadGap Removed
iTabIndex tabIndex Tab index control for keyboard navigation
mData Set the data source for the column from the rows data object / array
mRender columns.render Render (process) the data for use in the table
oLanguage.oAria.sSortAscending language.aria.sortAscending Language strings used for WAI-ARIA specific attributes
oLanguage.oAria.sSortDescending language.aria.sortDescending Language strings used for WAI-ARIA specific attributes
oLanguage.oPaginate.sFirst language.paginate.first Pagination 'first' button string
oLanguage.oPaginate.sLast language.paginate.last Pagination 'last' button string
oLanguage.oPaginate.sNext Pagination 'next' button string
oLanguage.oPaginate.sPrevious language.paginate.previous Pagination 'previous' button string
oLanguage.sEmptyTable language.emptyTable Table has no records string
oLanguage.sInfo Table summary information display string
oLanguage.sInfoEmpty language.infoEmpty Table summary information string used when the table is empty or records
oLanguage.sInfoFiltered language.infoFiltered Appended string to the summary information when the table is filtered
oLanguage.sInfoPostFix language.infoPostFix String to append to all other summary information strings
oLanguage.sInfoThousands language.thousands Thousands separator
oLanguage.sLengthMenu language.lengthMenu Page length options string
oLanguage.sLoadingRecords language.loadingRecords Loading information display string - shown when Ajax loading data
oLanguage.sProcessing language.processing Processing indicator string
oLanguage.sSearch Search input string
oLanguage.sUrl language.url Load language information from remote file
oLanguage.sZeroRecords language.zeroRecords Table empty as a result of filtering string
oSearch search Set an initial filter in DataTables and / or filtering options.
sAjaxDataProp ajax.dataSrc Data property or manipulation method for table data
sAjaxSource ajax Load data for the table's content from an Ajax source
sCellType columns.cellType Cell type to be created for a column
sClass columns.className Class to assign to each cell in the column
sContentPadding contentPadding Add padding to the text content used when calculating the optimal with for a table.
sCookiePrefix Removed
sDefaultContent columns.defaultContent Set default, static, content for a column
sDom dom Define the table control elements to appear on the page and in what order
sName Set a descriptive name for a column
sPaginationType pagingType Pagination button display options
sScrollX scrollX Horizontal scrolling
sScrollXInner scrollXInner Not documented in 1.10
sScrollY scrollY Vertical scrolling
sServerMethod ajax Load data for the table's content from an Ajax source
sSortDataType columns.orderDataType Live DOM sorting type assignment
sTitle columns.title Set the column title
sType columns.type Set the column type - used for filtering and sorting string processing
sWidth columns.width Column width assignment


Please note that the is a reference for converting usage of the old API to the new. The new API is far more comprehensive and have a lot of additional options that are not shown here. Please see the API reference for full information on how it can be used.

Hungarian camelCase Meaning
$ $ Perform a jQuery selection action on the full table.
_ row().data(), rows().data(), cell().data() Get data from a row, column or cell
fnAddData row.add(), rows.add() Add one or more new rows to the table.
fnAdjustColumnSizing columns.adjust() Recalculate the column widths
fnClearTable clear() Clear the table off all data.
fnClose row().child.hide() Hide the child row(s) of a parent row
fnDeleteRow row().remove(), rows().remove() Delete one or more rows from the DataTable.
fnDestroy destroy() Destroy the DataTables in the current context.
fnDraw draw() Redraw the table.
fnFilter search(), column().search(), columns().search() Search for data in the table.
fnGetData row().data(), rows().data(), cell().data() Get the data for a row, column or cell
fnGetNodes row().node(), rows().nodes(), cell().node() Get the nodes for a row, column or cell
fnGetPosition row().index(), cell().index() Get index information about the selected row, column or cell
fnIsDataTable $.fn.dataTable.isDataTable() Check is a table node is a DataTable or not
fnIsOpen row().child.isShown() Check if the child rows of a parent row are visible
fnOpen row().child() Make the child row(s) of a parent row visible
fnPageChange page() Get / set the current page of the table.
fnSetColumnVis column().visible() Get / set the visibility of a single selected column.
fnSettings settings() Obtain the table's settings object
fnSort order(), column().order() Order the table by the selected column.
fnSortListener order.listener() Add an ordering listener to an element, for a given column.
fnTables $.fn.dataTable.tables() Get all DataTables on the page
fnUpdate row().data(), cell().data() Set the data for a row or cell
fnVersionCheck $.fn.dataTable.versionCheck() Version number compatibility check function<