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How are you using DataTables?



  • sm1l3ysm1l3y Posts: 24Questions: 7Answers: 0

    I am actually using data tables for work and a person project. The personal project is actually a gladiator management game. It is interesting using ASP for work with data tables and php for personal use.

  • _Return_Of_The_Mac__Return_Of_The_Mac_ Posts: 1Questions: 0Answers: 0

    I'm using DT as a simple in-house "live issue tracker" based on a single MySQL table. Just need a way to keep the data "live" without having to refresh the whole page...

    Kudos for the documentation too; I don't know another plugin that is so well documented :smile: B) :mrgreen:

  • burncharburnchar Posts: 118Questions: 12Answers: 0

    I notice that the Ethisphere Institute is using DataTables in their list of "World's Most Ethical Companies" award (which includes my company).

  • dclar43dclar43 Posts: 47Questions: 13Answers: 2

    I spot DataTables in the wild fairly often but this use stood out to me. This 'Server Browser' for a community version of Halo Online uses DataTables to show the current game servers you can join as well as their stats:
    ScooterPSU's Halo Online Server Browser

  • nessinitsnessinits Posts: 86Questions: 27Answers: 0


    I'm using datatables for building a webapplication for a small employement agency we run in our famlly.

    I only just recently bought a license for editor, but it's real value for money. I have some difficulties with some specific things I want while uploading files, but I'll get there. After that development will go rapidly.

    By the way: the discussion forum support is very helpfull.

    Kind regards

  • Rob BrunRob Brun Posts: 56Questions: 2Answers: 14

    Hello, I use DataTables and Editor to build management applications and Dashboards on my companies intranet site. But Recently I used DataTables to complete the freeCodeCamp : Build a Wikipedia Viewer challenge. I use the buttons extension as well as bootStrap styling for dataTables and Buttons. Check me out,


  • moellmastermoellmaster Posts: 3Questions: 0Answers: 0

    Hallo all,
    i'am newbie and i love datatables o:)
    it's very helpfull and make easier all my work.

    I created a litle code for codeigniter model, not perfect but usefull enough.
    check at

  • andraeinsteinandraeinstein Posts: 5Questions: 1Answers: 0

    im using datatables for my ERP web app in my office. Love datatables :)

  • jellepalsjellepals Posts: 4Questions: 1Answers: 0

    We really like datatables for all the table views in the application. Just started with using datatables with server side processing. This also works great!

    The application is created for mobility management in the cloud. Big data is very important and the datatables helps us to save a lot of programming time.


  • TooManyTablesTooManyTables Posts: 23Questions: 7Answers: 1
    edited June 2017

    I work for a university, developing a wide variety of bespoke web applications for one of the Faculties. DataTables has been a godsend for me, and a hit with my users. From simple views, all the way up to complex editable datasets, there really is very little you can't do with it.

    The stuff it includes out of the box is just phenomenal, and I've got nothing but praise. Purchasing Editor was the easiest decision I ever had to make.

  • jive004jive004 Posts: 3Questions: 1Answers: 0

    Why do I get this? I tried everything

  • rf1234rf1234 Posts: 2,787Questions: 85Answers: 403

    I am working on a complex B2B financial services web application which has a large number of tables. When I started with this last year I was new to web development and was looking for something to help me become more productive in front end development. Since I didn't want to spend a lot of time on the front end I selected Bootstrap and Data Tables with Editor which offer a clean front end and suit my needs very well. Unlike many others in this forum I don't know what it's like to develop all of these tables by myself, but I do know that with Data Tables and Editor I will get it done without hiring a front end developer! Great product!

  • masinistmasinist Posts: 3Questions: 1Answers: 0
    edited July 2017

    I have a 3d program what export BOM files to txt file. About 1000 files.
    in DataTable i can search for the same details and data.

  • headshot9xheadshot9x Posts: 59Questions: 16Answers: 1

    It's usefull, I think we should combine all plugin to one file datatable.js (select, button, child row, responsive, ..etc), when use only turn-on it.Thank you so much.

  • timcadieuxtimcadieux Posts: 76Questions: 22Answers: 0

    Have had DT in productions since about 2007. At the time, I feel like i donated something like $15 (???) and Alan, you took a personal interest in the tests i was doing at the time because I believe that up until then, I was the user with the most records 100, 000+ records (lol).

    I just took a look and the below is what has been in Prod since then.

    Version: 1.5.0 beta 10 (oops)

    Currently upgrading to the latest version.

  • beegeezzzbeegeezzz Posts: 12Questions: 3Answers: 0


    I'm using dataTable for an intranet for nurses.

    That's great, less code and more results.

    Thanks for this great job.

    David from Belgium

  • CanisLupusCanisLupus Posts: 10Questions: 2Answers: 0

    I made a personal website (just because it is fun) where I list my Weight Watchers recipes. Using DataTables to list the recipes is so great and so simple. Jsut whack-smack add some classes to the table-html and BOOM you got it all...searchable, paginated, sortable. Amazing. Using Ajax calls to the DB also makes for very quick rendering of the contents, even when the table rows are in the hundreds and even thousands.

  • bernhardbbernhardb Posts: 5Questions: 2Answers: 0

    Hi everybody,

    I'm building complex websites with my beloved CMS of choice ProcessWire. I'm using DataTables a lot in my recent projects, for example a CRM/ERP System that is showcased here: and here

    There is still a lot of work todo but I hope to be able to release a versatile and powerful fieldtype module for processwire and datatables next year. A preview is here already:

    If anybody is interested in collaboration just drop me a line :)

    Thanks for that wonderful piece of software!

  • crwdzrcrwdzr Posts: 31Questions: 5Answers: 6

    server-side processing to join many different tables to come together as a web app for managing bookings at resorts among other things, datatables makes it so much easier to do ;)

  • rdmrdm Posts: 192Questions: 54Answers: 4

    I use DataTables (and am starting to use Editor) to give users on my .NET MVC webpages the illusion that they are working with a spreadsheet.

  • ClearwaterClearwater Posts: 17Questions: 4Answers: 0
    edited November 2017

    City of Clearwater
    Active Calls for Service CPD. Simple but one of our most popular applications.

  • OpenGate SoftwareOpenGate Software Posts: 1Questions: 0Answers: 0

    Love datatables! We're using it as part of a low-code responsive MySQL web application designer.

    Every tabular screen (with datatables as the renderer) can have a corresponding detail/edit form. Users design all the forms visually, and our tool takes that metadata to render datatables and details HTML form at runtime.

    On top of that it's got the standard web app goodies like role-based security, authentication, etc.

  • classic12classic12 Posts: 228Questions: 60Answers: 4

    Hi guys & girls.

    I am using NSBasic IDE which has a great drag and drop interface which includes the bootstrap datatable component.

    I am in the process of updating some existing apps and a new one for trading commodities.

    Once I realised what the editor did ( it took a while maybe some videos are needed ) I bought it and have been hurting my brain learning all the various aspects of it.

    Anyway is not far off completion with the main aspect being the deals grid which allows me to show the data on all formats without different versions of the code.

    I have created another app which uses the datatable and editor to add the data to the database using CKEditor within the editor to get the formatting etc.

    A great big thanks to all who have helped through the forum.

    I would recommend it to anyone.


    Steve Warby

  • GenjosanzoGenjosanzo Posts: 6Questions: 1Answers: 0
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    Post removed. This is a show and tell thread, not a question thread. Please post your question in a new thread.

  • xopher425xopher425 Posts: 1Questions: 0Answers: 0

    I manage a pet store, and one issue we encounter is people looking for a dog or cat food with certain levels (like <10% fat, 25%+ protein levels . . . so I'm making a database with all of our foods, and the key information so help people find the right food. I'll probably put it on my store's page so everyone can use it.

  • bbrindzabbrindza Posts: 293Questions: 66Answers: 1

    We are a multi-national functional food ingredient manufacturing company. Here is what we have used DataTables and DataTables Edtior for.

    Human Resources
    * Hourly Salary Increase Approval
    * Personnel Information Manger
    * New Feed Maintenance
    * 401k Maintenance

    * Run Rate

    * Scheduling Verification Analysis

    Quality Assurance
    * Global Supplier Management

    **Research and Development **
    * Project System
    * Sample Request
    * Formula Management
    * New Product Formula Development
    * New Product Formula Inquiry
    * Production Formula Inquiry
    * Customer Maintenance
    * Raw Ingredient Inquiry

    * Request for Technical Service
    * Formula Display
    * Request for RMIG
    * Recall Response Tracking

    * Call Reports
    * Director Reports
    * Project Request
    * Project Status

    * Freight Claim Management
    * Freight Claim Payment Management
    * Freight Claim Write Off Approval
    * Freight Claim Archive

  • 990consulting990consulting Posts: 23Questions: 7Answers: 0

    My business processes electronic public records into easily accessible data. A lot of this involves defining translations between the electronic records and fields that mean something to a human being. I'm using Editor to provide an interface for these mappings. By isolating the business logic on the back-end, we can provide superior division of labor, allowing the subject matter experts to focus on the records themselves instead of the translation machinery. It's easy on the eyes, too, which is always appreciated.

  • ama1981ama1981 Posts: 9Questions: 2Answers: 0

    I had posted a question said waiting for approval, its been more tha 4 hrs cant see it posted yet?

  • we0038we0038 Posts: 39Questions: 13Answers: 1

    I use it for different custom solutions. I used to have my own ways to accomplished the requirements. However, after working with Editor, it became more faster and easier to finish my projects.
    Lately, I needed to do more complex work on the uploaded files such as paste an image from clipboard and annotate it through HTML5. At first my plan was doing this as second step after a record is created outside the Editor framework. But after considering the UX it wasn't a good idea.
    Thanks to to the Field type plug-ins and the fact that all the built-in types are really plug-ins. All I had to do was to extend the upload type to meet my requirements. Eventually, I was able to provide a great UX where everything is done in one step (creating new record)

  • J33g73J33g73 Posts: 6Questions: 0Answers: 0

    I've been using DataTables in SharePoint to expand the features that SP doesn't provide.

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