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How are you using DataTables?



  • jamiedewitzjamiedewitz Posts: 29Questions: 5Answers: 0

    I'm using DataTables for our staff & faculty directory. It's exactly what we needed and everyone is excited with the prototype I presented them, an added bonus is that it's 508 compliant, so I didn't have to make any changes to make it accessible to the college! Thanks for the hard work on your end DataTables devs!

  • TomBajzekTomBajzek Posts: 145Questions: 32Answers: 1

    I've been using the DataTables / Editor packed for several years now to build internal business-management applications for a telecommunications technology integration company. I discovered DataTables before the Editor had been announced, and rejected it as being too complicated for the table display in the application I was building then, which it might have been. However, with the addition of the Editor, it has become a platform for all of the data management applications I've been building for this client, and the plan is to rebuild a couple of pre-existing apps with this package to unify the technical platform the company's internal apps are based on.

    So far, for this company, I've built the following:

    • Several trouble-ticket style apps, each featuring trouble tickets with optional notes/comments/work reports for each ticket. These apps are similar, but not identical, in layout and functionality, differing insofar as the business areas they support have different sets of data to be managed, and different business logic for managing those areas. One of these apps for tracking a company's vehicle fleet has additional tables for tracking vehicle administrative data that is not representable as trouble tickets. All of these apps maintain additional tables for managing people's roles and capabilities relative to the business aspect being managed.
    • A DataTables-only page for viewing a company's parts inventory to display the quantity and location of parts on-hand in the companhy's warehouse and/or vehicles.

    For another company, I've made an inventory-management app for a whosesale bead distributor that tracks bead inventory by bead type, size, color, cost, selling price, location, and other data, with links to images, etc.

    The combination of DataTables and the Editor have proven to be the most useful, powerful, and well-documented package that I've found. Furthermore, the support has been excellent.

  • PrabodhPrabodh Posts: 2Questions: 1Answers: 0

    sir i want to create paging with in table in React.js . How can i do it .

    <Table striped responsive bordered className='bg-c-white'>
    <thead className='text-white text-center' style={{ background: '#002b49' }}>
    <th className="center">Sr.</th>
    <th>State Name</th>
    <th>Constutiency Name</th>
    <th>Constutiency No</th>
    <th>Name of Shifting MP</th>
    {, i) => (
    // <!--statecode-->
    <tr key={obj.SrNo}>
    <td className="text-center">{obj.SrNo}</td>
    {/* <td>{obj.}</td> /}
    <td className="text-left">{obj.statename}</td>
    <td className="text-left">{obj.ConstutiencyName}</td>
    <td className="text-right">{obj.ConstutiencyNo}</td>
    <td className="text-left">{obj.NameofShiftingMp}</td>
    <td className="text-center">{obj.ActiveFlag === 1 ? 'Active' : "InActive"}</td>
    <Link to={/master/constutiency/${obj.ConstutiencyId}}><Button size="sm" variant="info">Edit</Button></Link>
    <Button variant="danger" size="sm" onClick={() => this.deleteConst(obj.ConstutiencyId)}>Delete</Button>
    <Button size="sm" variant="danger" onClick={()=>this.handleShow(obj.ConstutiencyId)} >Delete</Button>

  • labroskarlabroskar Posts: 2Questions: 0Answers: 0

    Found out your great code through Adminlte recently.
    Using it in a php/mysql project for invoices and large tables (10.000 rows).

    Basic use is:
    1. Show the table. Define searchable columns and format columns with the last 2 being edit and delete. Also using search fields in thead (for text fields)
    2. Using a php class like ssp.class.php το show table, get one id from database, insert one line, update and delete one line.
    3. Using external inputs for more custom fields like datatime (date between 2 dates) and arrays (json in mysql and select2 multiple fields)
    4. Using a bootstrap modal which gets triggered after the inser, edit and delete buttons are pressed with javascript functions passing the id and values with ajax. Insert and delete uses the same modal. Main goal is to construct the input fields dynamically after ajax but didn't do that because I want extra power to where I want the inputs in the modal (maybe tabs) in every case (different for every table).

    Datatables is really fast with large tables and has great trigger and callback functions.

  • sachielsachiel Posts: 2Questions: 0Answers: 0

    Our pedigree database:

    Also, soon (mid-migration and testing):

  • AnthonyVAnthonyV Posts: 31Questions: 7Answers: 0
    edited June 25

    I have been happily using as a core part of a database product that I have built. The product wraps DataTables and a whole pile of other code to create a RAD that dynamically builds itself based on the structure in a SQL database.

    The product is dbFront. has been a very powerful and stable part of the project. The next step is adding inline grid editing.

  • jakob_devjakob_dev Posts: 2Questions: 0Answers: 0

    Hi everyoe,

    Im using dataTables in a Angular 5 & Node environment and we have a table with over 200k data sets. last days/weeks i implemented serverside processing for our dataTables on Node and added a smart search like sql statement.

    if someone needs help on Node and Angular dataTables, im here :) gotta love those dataTables <3

  • torben71torben71 Posts: 1Questions: 0Answers: 0

    We are using DT in a danish Chemical and Products Database. Card-view and table-view. Cards can be flipped for further/additional information.


  • pierrescheldepierreschelde Posts: 9Questions: 2Answers: 0

    I’m using datatables to display ratings from a french movies website (AlloCiné) and get global ratings from press and users

  • Adrian ChallinorAdrian Challinor Posts: 6Questions: 3Answers: 0

    We are using Datatables and Editor to build our Maritime application. We have a Spring Boot + Thymeleaf + Neo4J backend, with very simple screens to handle the user interaction.

    We have not yet found anything table related that we can't do with datatables.

    It has been a great productivity boost.

  • macmicromacmicro Posts: 9Questions: 0Answers: 0


    I am French and I use DataTables a lot both in front and in back end.

    I have currently developed over 57 different versions of DataTables, here are some screnshots.

    For my developments, I use Ajax, PDO, JQuery, Bootstrap and other plugins.

    Regarding DataTables searchBuilder, this is a really good idea.

    I think this extension will evolve further, in terms of functionality and the possibility of being able to create a config
    I am thinking in particular of internationalization which either would be separate or included in the language files,

    Thanks, for this plugin and the work you do.

    DataTables languages (78 languages) dynamic

    DataTables scroll animate

    DataTables language ( 5 languages) dynamic

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