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How are you using DataTables?



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    Trading Strategy is using Datatables to display market data from decentralised exchanges. We are integrating Datatables with Svelte / Sveltekit.

    We have a written a blog post about our architecture.

    Our frontend is open source and built on the top of SvelteKit.

    Ps. I would love to add a screenshot, but I do not think the forum says "Failed upload" on 300kbytes PNG image.

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    I have a couple of projects using DataTables. One is a site where customers of an orthotics company can log in to see their orders, which includes some custom search functionality combining several search fields.

    The second is an app for practitioners of Chinese herbal medicine, which among other functions allows the creation of formulas containing various herbs. On this page there are two side-by-side tables, showing formulas on the left and ingredients of the formulas on the right. It also includes a tooltip library to show the full contents of a long text field when it's too long to fit in the table.

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    We have found multiple usages for datatables.
    Here's a list for some of them:
    * displaying data by selected date
    * * has event listeners connected between fullcalendar to display data on clicks and updates
    * CRM data display

    overall datatables has saved us so much time, the built in API and search function are gold <3

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    I've just started using datatables to display a pitwall style leaderboard for online racing sim Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC).
    The data updates live from in game information and is displayed on a second screen.

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