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How are you using DataTables?



  • clhenrickclhenrick Posts: 5Questions: 1Answers: 0

    Hi all,

    I'm new to Data Tables and enjoying working with it. I have just made a single page website that integrates the Data Tables library with CartoDB via CartoDB.JS.

    Preview available here:

  • simsek97simsek97 Posts: 7Questions: 3Answers: 0

    I am using DataTables in a School Management System called SmartClass. (

  • jLinuxjLinux Posts: 981Questions: 73Answers: 75
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    Im using DataTables to manage "Assets" in a table..

    Username/Password: DemoAdmin / Password1 (Might need to go to the assets page again after login)

  • FlorentDescFlorentDesc Posts: 9Questions: 4Answers: 0
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    I'm using DataTable to manage a database.

    In a certain way it's like PhpMyAdmin but with a much better view, for hyerarchical datas for instance. All that with ajax calls.

    I use the extension Scroller too.

  • jLinuxjLinux Posts: 981Questions: 73Answers: 75
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    @FlorentDesc, thats what my app is basically doing, its in development.

    Website: (Still being worked on)

    Demo (Alpha, very buggy, dont bother reporting any bugs yet, lol): ( DemoAdmin:Password1 )

    Heres a video showing what its got so far (kinda old, a lot of new features have been added)

    What it is, is basically an advanced web interface for managing a list (aka Partitions) of literally anything (Servers, websites, projects, employees, pets, cars.. anything). You can create Fields in the Partitions, the fields can be created with very dynamic settings.. Input type (Input, textarea, select, multiselect, checkbox, etc), Value type (String, numeric, email, etc), Require Regex match, Default values, Require unique values, min/max length, etc etc. Then once you create any number of fields, you can create Assets within the partition..

    Comes with a RESTful API, CLI tool (in dev), and you can even join and query Partitions as if they were normal database tables, as well as create dependencies.

    AWESUM! :-D. DataTables is a HUGE part of it

  • Pierce KrousePierce Krouse Posts: 40Questions: 8Answers: 1

    I'm using datatables to display engineering data to our customers. We needed advanced features such as fixed header rows and columns, data filtering and sorting, etc.

    The problem is that we already had html table styles in place that our customers now demand in all releases, so I have no flexibility there -- the styles cannot change. Coupled with the fact that some of our tables are quite complex, with multiple entries per cell, etc, this makes things challenging, but so far I haven't hit anything datatables cannot handle.

  • SamuelNZSamuelNZ Posts: 62Questions: 5Answers: 2
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    For my leaderboards and kill-history modules on my gaming website at this stage and when i understand DT a bit more clearly, I will be using it to format data from a bespoke accounting ledger i am making for a client.

    I love how simple DT is and hope it can do everything i eventually need it to do (serverSide and API related, haven't read much into that yet)

    I'm currently trying to talk my boss into buying a support package because i imagine DT will be an integral part of our application at some stage.

  • zachpainter77zachpainter77 Posts: 22Questions: 1Answers: 1

    I use datatables in my mvc apps.

  • loukinglouking Posts: 246Questions: 49Answers: 0

    I'm using datatables and yadcf to display series and race results for running club races

  • VyacheslavVyacheslav Posts: 70Questions: 27Answers: 0

    I'm extensively using datatables, editor and yadcf in corporate CRM

  • DTslobDTslob Posts: 5Questions: 1Answers: 0

    We have an MVC security wrapper here in the State Office where I work and it goes around all our MVC web applications. The User management portion uses DataTables.
    Funny, when I did an upgrade, User's webpage worked without DataTables. Once DataTables files were placed in the right location, the display had all the basic DataTales features added to the existing html table: ordery by and search and pagination.

  • algeealgee Posts: 11Questions: 2Answers: 0

    i am building a monitoring site for OPSI, a software distribution system, as it's reporting functionality is rather... complicated xD

    we need it asap, and i am a bit rusty and only used to oldschool html and php, so i eventually hit a brick wall when my expectations and results didn't align.

    jquery and dt provide everything i couldn't do on my own within a reasonable time,
    so now i am brute-force wrapping my head around it, and it's a real pain at times, but i like the challenge :)

    the people behind projects like these are the real heros across the net.
    hat's off and thanks!

  • frobinrobinfrobinrobin Posts: 3Questions: 1Answers: 0

    I first came across datatables in 2010 when I saw 10,000 records displaying like they were only 10... I was in awe.. it did what I needed but really really well.

    I was using Drupal at the time and luckily found a module implementing datatables and so I used it to power the world university rankings up until 2013. I had patched the Drupal module to support ajaxSource as we had a lot of data to display.

    I'm back doing the world university rankings (this time for a competitor) and they were also using the drupal datatables module - but at datatables version 1.9 and without ajaxSource! that wouldn't do for me. I've got another patch for the Drupal module so it integrates with version 1.10 - again supporting ajaxSource (but much better this time).
    I also added other integration such as bootstrap, responsive and my favourite - a "do not initialize" option - allowing advanced users like myself to further customise their datatables before it's initialized... as well as data and option altering hooks (hooks are a Drupal thing).

    My current datatables have hashed search/sort/pagination persistence, analytics tracking each table redraw, custom searches handlers, custom cell rendering, custom column visibility... so much easier with the new events and api!

    I did have google indexing datatables with the ?escaped_fragment solution however that all changed so I've become a member of this forum in order to try and help patch datatables so it can be fully indexed by google bot (and eventually other engines when they catch up technologically) the solution is amazingly simple and will allow datatables to index all pages of your table.

    I'm lucky enough to have worked at two of the top companies providing university rankings; and datatables is at the heart of both of their rankings pages (one does something slightly different now but it's based on datatables and ajaxSource).

    During peak periods, there are millions of page views per day to these pages - I get a lot of satisfaction (and peace of mind) knowing most users are receiving the page and data in under 200ms.

    So when I say thank you DataTables author Allan, I also speak for millions of people who have not had to wait 8 seconds for their rankings pages to load!! unknowingly in thanks to DataTables.

    Old site - now based on Datatables/ajaxSource:

    New site - Datatables:

  • mukeshsinghmukeshsingh Posts: 2Questions: 1Answers: 0

    thanks for excellent plugin. i used it in many php projects. it is capable of handle large data thats why i picked it.searching ,sorting & pagination features are good enough to fulfill needs.

  • jstampijstampi Posts: 1Questions: 0Answers: 0

    I'm trying to learn how to use datatables with google web app scripts.

    So far its been great. Kudos to the team and everyone else in the community.

    Soon I hope to put out examples I've played around with to help others.

  • guillochonguillochon Posts: 56Questions: 19Answers: 0
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    I'm using DataTables to power an open-source catalog of Supernovae for the astrophysics community. In addition to the main catalog page, DataTables is used on multiple supporting pages in several different ways, including displaying a list of data conflicts, position coincidences, a bibliography, and a list of known errors.

    I'm immensely grateful that DataTables exists! Coding such a full-featured piece of software from scratch would have not have been possible for us.

  • kachomanickachomanic Posts: 2Questions: 1Answers: 0

    Use datatables in Admin Area of my systems, to filter records, edit, search, work fine,
    one public example still in dev:

  • ToastToast Posts: 8Questions: 1Answers: 0
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    I am making a cross section plotting website which allows access to a huge amount of cross-section data from existing databases such as ENDF JEFF EXFOR and lots of other sources. The current implementation will be greatly improved once I get datatables working.

  • bewwebbewweb Posts: 5Questions: 3Answers: 0

    New to DataTables, Great to see such powerful Library which can definitely simplified my current site's data handling.
    My site is a Free Logistics Operation System for Global Freight Forwarders.

  • LesFLesF Posts: 16Questions: 6Answers: 1

    Supporting a clinical workstation solution for hospital staff, with a mixture of old and new code, some as old as 15 years. DataTables is helping me get rid of a number of bad code features which have tied us to old versions of IE, and sometimes DT lets me delete hundreds of lines of old code at a time. I'm very impressed with the capabilities and usefulness of this library.

  • ToastToast Posts: 8Questions: 1Answers: 0

    Many thanks datatables my website is now finished I even bought a domain , I've combined Datatables with Plotly the javascript plotting library. It looks fab (perhaps a bit subjective). I have added an acknowledgment to datatables.

  • kniel_edvkniel_edv Posts: 9Questions: 2Answers: 0

    We use DataTables to present our products and surrounded information (like an FAQ) to our customers.

  • ViipiinViipiin Posts: 2Questions: 0Answers: 0

    I'm new to datatable.
    but i'm integrating data table with my SharePoint environment.
    Written an article too but now facing error in next task when I want to insert data into SharePoint using data table.

    It is a great experience to use data table with SharePoint Online.

  • mariakatosvichmariakatosvich Posts: 1Questions: 0Answers: 0

    My initial use was for a uk website who needed a tool that would allow them to " give a direct call to sky customer center". This allows them to list all past and current sky customers, to select nearest center they want to call to from the list (sorted or reduced) and then use to create the e-mail and send it to the selected list from the datatable. I had to move from async to sync calls in a for loop that I have that updates the second table when a change is made on the first. I then call another ajax routine that visually unlinks the ids by getting the TR pointer to that id in the table (jquery selection of the row by id in a TD field), then calling the ajax routine that gets the new TR for that question to update the question table item. This second ajax call has to be made as a sync verse an async call since the pointer to the table row is reused in the loop.

  • gbenettgbenett Posts: 14Questions: 5Answers: 0

    Using DataTables with Editor and .NET WebAPI to build an inventory management app integrated with enterprise data stores. From an earlier project I was already familiar with the legacy version of DT, and am now climbing the learning curve on 1.10 and Editor 1.5.6. Users are delighted by advanced UI functionality such as per-column filtering, fixed headers, multi-row editing. What a great, feature-rich platform for data-driven web development!

  • shrisakshrisak Posts: 1Questions: 0Answers: 0

    I'm using parent-child responsive bootstrap 4.0 datatables in my screenshot mobile SEO website:

    I've been a big fan of the search capabilities and design of datatables for a couple of years. The new bootstrap 4.0 theme really looks great right out of the box! Thanks guys!

  • Posts: 1Questions: 0Answers: 0

    First of all big thank you for great project.
    I used Datatables on three projects
    i. asset listing and management of maintenance,
    ii. raspberry pi based smart heating (
    iii recently i start working on stock management system and i love server side processing as it makes user very happy. some small issues but i m working them...

  • sansoo22sansoo22 Posts: 3Questions: 0Answers: 0

    I work for a one of the big four wireless carriers and use datatables as a reporting engine for all current device projects. We are an angularjs shop so we are using the Angular-datatables wrapper. Using this wrapper I was able to create some new features that integrate into datatables without having to modify source.

    We have our own show/hide column directive that can be dropped into any of our datatable instances.

    I have a responsive column filter directive that can also be dropped into any datatable instance. This directive is 100% styled with bootsrap and looks like it came with datatables out of the box. It can be configured to sort just about any type of data you can throw at it. For select and multi select filters it sources its data from the table itself to dynamically build filter options for you.

    And the most impressive piece I managed to get working was side loading table states. Now my users can sort and filter the datatable however they want and save that exact table state to the database. When they login again they can load one of the previous table states or filters as we call them and the table state will be applied to the datatable. It works like normal table state loading except there is no need to refresh the page. This was no easy task as datatables did not want to comply whatsoever. It took about a month to get working correctly but that effort was worth it. First my users love being able to select a filter and see the data laid out the way they need it versus the old school approach of running reports. And second I learned enough about the internal workings of datatables that there isn't anything I can't do with it now. I may have learned enough to become a contributor on the project if my day job didn't suck up all my time.

  • matthijssmmatthijssm Posts: 2Questions: 1Answers: 0

    I use DataTables for an internal website that tracks the status of the fleet of Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM)! Got great responses and it really helped me out handling the data well.

    Thanks for DataTables! :blush:

  • kthorngrenkthorngren Posts: 17,759Questions: 25Answers: 4,216

    A couple years ago I started writing a Python app to manage large testbeds containing servers and networking gear. Not wanting to learn web development I chose to use TkInter as the GUI. It worked ok but, for me, was cumbersome and not easily used on a PC without installing a bunch of Python libraries. I am now re-writing the app still using Python but decided a web interface would be better.

    I am now on the path of learning HTML, Javascript, Bootstrap and associated technologies to enable the web interface. Datatables and Editor are making this process much easier and quicker!


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