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How are you using DataTables?



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    I just discovered datatables, and integrated it into an admin backend for a website, to make it easy for the customer to maintain their dealer list.

    I'll be using it in a lot of future applications though. Thanks, and well-worth the cost!
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    I'm running couple fan sites (, Tried using tablesorter + tablesorterPager, but have to hack too many things. Moving to now, at least it claims to do everything I need and documentation is excellent.
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    WikiLeaks cables at its original site is a challenge for regular browsing. is created with the hope to ease browsing of all WikiLeaks cables with full-text search function. The cables are presented in a nicely formatted table created using DataTables.
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    I see Planit Cad/Cam Solutions are using Datatables for their customer portal. Looks and works great, Thumbs up!
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    Here is how I'm using datatables:


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    here is how i am using dataTable...

    Thanks allan for your great work..

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    i am using Datatables in different projects at work, but as my personal use, i have created a new developer team called "End Of Line" and in there we use datatables in a project called Elsa, Easy Local Storage Administrator, for Chrome.
    If you are interested you can check it out in our new webpage "".

    I want to thank allan and all datatables community for such a great job.
    I added a link from "" to "" as my personal thanks to you.

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    Facebook- and Twitter-Charts of 357 german radio channels:

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    I used on site (catalog of products)
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    Hey Allan,

    Again, great work.

    We're currently using DT v1.7.5 in a C#/MVC environment with jquery v1.4.1, for search usercontrols,

    with clickable row functionality -
    via $('#SearchResults tbody').click(function (event) {...}

    Specific rows are highlighted according to User custom selections -
    via 'fnRowCallback': function (nRow, aData, iDisplayIndex, iDisplayIndexFull) {...}

    I really like the ScrollInfinate option.
    This way the User isn't sliding down a long web page, or incessantly clicking on 'next page'.
    This also keeps things in context.

    One of our apps uses DT with a delete icon in the first column -
    via $('.centerUA').live('click', function () {...}

    and a javascript confirm message -
    via if (confirm('..')) {...}

    All in all, once we wrapped our brains around DT, it is quickly becoming a favorite.
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    We just integrated DataTables into our production site. We distribute music for artists and labels to stores like iTunes, etc. Since we are reporting sales back to the artists and labels, and sometimes these reports are huge, DataTables was essential to our growth and the ability to display massive amounts of a data that utilize all of the features and plugins of DataTables (ie: Auto pagination, filtering, server side processing, etc.).

    You can view a screenshot of an example report here: (ie: We don't have a live example for the general public because an artist or label has to login to view their own specific reports).

    Thanks for the great work on this software! It has been a pleasure to use and code for!

    Caleb Carruth
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    We use it for tables in our application managing DNA sequencing projects.
    These projects support the DOE's goals in green energy biofuels research, related topics like bioremediation, and scientific projects like adding species to the Genome Encyclopedia of Bacteria and Archaea
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    I have seen the usage of this plugin in several php intranet applications where it does a great job. We have also a php backing "bean" to combine the tables with a search engine and it runs perfect. Thanks for it. Great work.

    I've even started to use it with our JEE applications based on Seam and Richfaces. With a few jquery initializations and your plugin I'm able to mimic the richfaces tables and decrease the page size by at least 100% for the basic richfaces table and up to 200% for the heavy table with almost the same functionality! Just because i can now leverage on a plain html table with no "nonsense" around.

    Again. Great work and many thanks!
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    I was tasked with taking an excel spreadsheet and move it to the web, for multiple access and greater searchability. (For now it's a single table, but future plans are to link other entities to this table. I may use Drill Down Rows for an interface into that.)

    Datatables is a great library for this one table, with sorting and filtering.

    I did have one challenge, though, which was to take existing MySQL FullText indexes and get them to work with datatables. In the end it was a simple as altering a column's sName and minor tweaks to the php-based JSON page to make it work.

    With the datatable library, this project runs a lot better than I initially planned, and with minimal development from me.

    I really appreciate the datatables, many thanks to Allan. (I think W3C should put out a browser standard for flexible native tables - but til then we have Allan's Datatables.)
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    I have used Datatables with SharePoint 2010 and Excel REST api. I basically allow the user to choose data ranges/tables they have created in Excel documents uploaded to SharePoint and apply datatables to them. It works very well and wanted to say what a fantastic script Datatables is for giving the end user a lot more to play with.

    I've blogged about the implementation:
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    I'm using DataTables at a large semiconductor company to allow for cleaner, more usable reports and administration tools.
    I'm also using it in a few home projects, including one to help organize a media collection.
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    A great plug-in with simple handling.
    I am using it in most of the pages of my 'cornea photographer certification' application
    My tables contain more than 100,000 rows and they growing by 80-100/day (approx). With server-side processing, dataTables has made my life easier.
    Here is a link to one of the screenshots
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    Today I discovered that Microsoft are dropping support for XML Data Islands in IE10. We have a custom web application that uses data islands, and I'd implemented DataTables in a previous project I worked on. As soon as I saw the data island in action I thought 'DataTables!', and it's a perfect swap-out for a quick solution to this forthcoming problem.

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    I'm using it in two separate websites I run:

    The first site I created with DataTables is is a showcase of all community contributed plugins for the Menalto Gallery project. The data source for this is the DOM, as I was a newb to the AJAX world, and I needed to get the site up quickly.

    The newest site I use it on is a model railroad inventory site that I will be opening up as a subscription service shortly at (you can log into the sandbox using the pre-filled credentials). This site uses AJAX as the datasource, along with the DataTables Editable plugin that has been heavily customized with the ability to edit entries via a dialog, as well as extensive validation routines. I also have incorporated the "drill down" rows concept from to show more detailed item information.

    Thanks to Allan for a great resource. I made a donation last week and can only hope that more people do so as well.
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    i am using it for a site towards the online soccer manager hattrick (
    My tool as part of hattriX-Ray ( helps to manage a hattrick team via a smart overview using datatables.


    Thanks a lot. Finally i found what i was looking for in DataTables and i am very happy about it :)
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    I'm using Datatables for, duh, data representation.
    The company I work for needed a decent way of displaying alot of tabular data on a web client and none of their previous solutions were any good. Luckily, I had heard of Datatables before and I thought this was the perfect situation to implement it.

    The problem we had before Datatables was that there were so many columns being displayed at once, and there was more html to the right of the table, which meant a huge deal of scrolling if you'd want to get there.
    With the built-in innerscrollx, this was EASILY solved! :)

    I've also constructed some custom functions like "RegisterColumnFilter", where you can add filters to specific columns. I noticed you had made a similar example, but it didn't do what I wanted...

    The plug-in that makes the table editable (jeditable+dataTables.editable) is like making it into an excel spreadsheet, but on a web client. Truly useful tool.

    I love the flexibility of it all,
    Much appreciated!
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    We use Datatables for all our web based logistics products. Certainly mainly for the data handling part of the app (CRUD).

    Logentis GmbH
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    What a wonderful tool. Not a uber-geek, but figured out how to get DataTables to search and display a place name database. Looked super, but no website surrounding it. Another hill to climb was to get my table to display within a WordPress site. After several days of keyboard bashing, got that to work also.

    DataTables running on Wordpress v3.2.1, WordPress running on PHP5 & MySql.

    Check it out here -
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    Another thing datatables is good for: getting you a raise.

    Thanks Allan. I think your software helped.
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    Hi Allan,

    In case you don't know already, Datatables has been selected as the table widget for the next generation Apache Hadoop webapps. Hadoop is the de facto platform for big data, used by companies like Yahoo, Facebook and the majority of the company that needs big data processing.
  • allanallan Posts: 60,962Questions: 1Answers: 9,940 Site admin
    @vicaya: I hadn't realised that - that's awesome! Thanks for letting me know :-). Have you got a link with anymore information about the integration?

  • vicayavicaya Posts: 14Questions: 0Answers: 0
    @allan: There is no writeup yet, just code :), which is part of the next gen webapp framework, which will be moved to hadoop common soon.

    The code was in the MR-279 branch for a while and merged into trunk recently.

    Thanks for the hard work and congrats! :)
  • allanallan Posts: 60,962Questions: 1Answers: 9,940 Site admin
    @vicaya: That's fantastic! I look forward to seeing what comes out of it :-)

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