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How are you using DataTables?



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    We recently shipped the first version of our distributed portal solution. We built a series of portlets powered by a web service which acquires data from Dynamics GP and several of our Dynamics GP extension products. Along with the portlet web application, we OEM eXo ( as the portal platform. The server will also contain a site with defaulted navigation, page layout, and portlet configurations. However, our customers have full range of motion on navigation/page modifications and altering the portlet preferences.

    The portlet responsible for displaying listed information is built heavily on DataTables in both displaying data and the configuration menus. Administrators are able to modify which fields are displayed for the entity that the list is configured to visualize using a dual-table row system. Visible fields can also be reordered which was created with a modified version of the RowReordering plugin.

    View mode operates with an AJAX server-side table that uses a JAX-RS service. The service forwards requests and responses to the standard Dynamics GP web service. Currently we just support paginated data and user-selectable sorting but plan on adding filtering in the future.

    The jQuery UI feature of DataTables was very useful as it furthered our ability to provide a solution that can be completely themed using a single resource. We programmatically create custom TR colorization based on particular styles in the selected jQuery UI theme.

    We plan on implementing a lot more features as we develop additional portal sites for different audiences. But none of it could have been done without DataTables.
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    I am using for a simple library catalog:

    Anyway I suggest a very little improvement in the "DataTables individual column filtering example (using select menus)": add aData.sort(); in the fnCreateSelect() function to have the select menus more useful ;)
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    I am using datatables inside a JavaEE project designed using JSF, basically JSF prints a paged table and datatables adds the styling and the neat features like export pdf, excel etc.
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    Tables for searching and sorting DNA sequence data for cancer research. PHP backend. DataTables has been very helpful. Thanks!
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    Player Statistics for a golf club.

    Click on the tab: Main Stats

    Along with DataTables, I've also incorporated the awesome Tipped tooltips (

    Just hover the mouse over a player's name for a popup jQuery window containing more stats. Works fairly well on an iPad as well.
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    Hi Guys,
    This is Patrick from

    We are using this excellent plugin on our homepage to display a list of other jquery plugins.

    In fact, we have developed a live customization system , like a fiddle, for this great plugin. You can make changes in the plugin options and watch a live demo output.

    Check it out here -

    Let us know your thought.

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    I am using datatables in two websites at the moment. One I use just for sorting and searching a large table of finishes and points for a racing series.

    The other is a complete web app built around datatables.

    I work for a Logistics company. Part of my job is to monitor freight that is considered "Hot" by the customer. Currently we use a Google Spreadsheet to keep track of these loads. It's a complete pain in the butt.

    I created a database to store the data, then use datatables to display the data. DT & Bootstrap with a sprinkling of a few other jquery plugins have made me look like a pro to the bosses.

    Our time to update a hot load has went from 5 minutes on average to about 30 seconds. With a lot less hassle and error.

    Thanks for helping me make this app rock!
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    I am using DataTables in a Salesforce AppExchange managed package to present some key child-data tables in a single page, where the user can use the local sort and search features to good effect. (Salesforce's AJAX is horribly slow in comparison.)

    In response to a Stackexchange question, I've posted some Visualforce and Apex that might help others working with DataTables/Salesforce here

    Thank-you for DataTables; feels much more solid that the previous table JavaScript I was using.
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    I intend to use DataTables on a real-life project. First I integrated it on my platform, which is CodeIgniter 3 + Bootstrap 3 based. Here is an example:

    For the same purpose I wrote a library for server-side processing, it is here:
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    I just deployed another enterprise application based on DataTables and, most of all, Editor.
    This new system, creatively titled, "Reticle Database," manages a vast collection of alarmingly expensive semiconductor reticles.
    Despite using Editor since the very first release and despite using it in ways that were surely never intended, we have amazingly not come across a single significant bug in the software.

    In fact, the only bug we thought we found in either DataTables _or_ Editor turned out to be a browser bug in Internet Explorer 9. The DataTables/Editor combination is the first library or toolset I have ever extensively used that hasn't wasted large amounts of my time due to sloppy design.

    Allan, if you ever want a job in the semiconductor industry, let me know.
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    I use it for in-house apps at my job. We're a globally recognized non-profit. We use it for all kinds of data management. Working on seeing if I can get them to buy an Editor license. :)

  • keithpjolleykeithpjolley Posts: 2Questions: 1Answers: 0

    I used it for my master's project. I don't have a version online but you can catch a glimpse of it on page 40 here: (please forgive the random formatting of the .ppt -> slideshare)

    In that project there wasn't very much integration between datatables and D3 but in my current project, showing helpdesk transaction history and statistics, there's going to be a tight integration between the two - as you filter things in datatables it updates the data in D3, and, if I really get jiggy with it, clicking on nodes in D3 will update datatables.

    Anyways, the real reason I'm writing this is to say thanks for creating and sharing this software. It's great stuff - thank you!

  • SaleB81SaleB81 Posts: 6Questions: 1Answers: 1

    I am trying to develop a intranet solution for our small company. Until now I have implemented a view for four different tables with very little knowledge. From my point of view DataTables could not be simpler to understand and use, because I have implemented it successfully with marginal mysql/php/js knowledge.

    I am also thinking to create a solution for viewing a pdf file library if I can understand how to make a basic interactions between viewerjs and datatables. The idea is to use a DataTable as file browser and a Viewer.js as a viewer of the selected file, but first I need to learn a little more of php.

    I need to create some database interaction options (insert, delete) for the users, so I am thinking about a licence for the Editor.

    Biggest problem by now was how to enable UTF-8 JSON in server side php on the 1.10 version (it was much simpler in earlier version, as I managed to do it on my own), but I have found the solution somewhere here.

    So, thank you, this library gave me an option to see results with much less learning then I anticipated.

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    I use it for a free online database application for beekeeper. A month ago i finished the jquery mobile version of the application and even there is datatables perfect!

  • minohimselfminohimself Posts: 3Questions: 2Answers: 0

    Im using datatables for Dynamics CRM where i can show records that do not have direct relationship and users can set up unlimited amount of tables/views with their own queries.

    Which is otherwise unsupported/not possible

  • xmojmrxmojmr Posts: 18Questions: 2Answers: 3

    I'm using it as main full-screen element of a JavaScript component search tool. With fixed header, custom-draw rows, custom search callbacks and filter row styled into an all-containing yet minimal design.

    One display component can handle most of the tasks that need to be done. Cool. Similar to what DevExpress DataGrid meant for desktop applications.

    My search tool is online available here:

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    I'm a new contractor working at a local University. They have been using datatables for quite some time as I understand it. I have been here less than 6 weeks but the system I am working on has been around for 10 years.

    We use datatables for all of the tabular reports. Datatables is integrated into the fabric of the application and it displays, project data, financial data,, customer data, the list goes on and own.

    We also have tied the table displays together with the buildGraph in a clever way that using to datatables on the displayed page. 1 for just tabular results and another that gives a summarized version of the tabular results. The summary datatable also displays the information in graph form.

    The system is an internal one and the production ones are all password only access. I have two major applications that I will update early next year and I plan on moving directly to datatables in each one.

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    Hi Allan,
    thank you for the DataTables Plugin. We are using it within a Database Application. DT helps to show various information for example production data. As I found it from the first moment I was really impressed.
    So with this message I want to say Thank You.

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    Using it in our directory to bring colleges and companies on a common platform:

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    I am currently using DataTables to display reports and dashboards in my company's Analytics software. We first were test driving DHTMLX Grid but found that the implementation was completely terrible when it comes to cell manipulation. Get this, in order to have html links in a specified cell, you have to use carrot delimiters to specify options in the data! How terrible is that. DataTables provided me the ability to do what I needed that I couldn't do in DHTMLX Grid efficiently. And for those who doesn't know, DHTMLX Grid offers a paid version of their software and we were going to opt for it until we found out many flaws with that library.

    In the future when I have successfully complete my Analytics project, I WILL donate to this library as it has been a pleasure working with it.

  • remiegoremiego Posts: 19Questions: 2Answers: 0

    I intend to to use it for a football (soccer) prediction website, I use extjs (sencha) for the backend but don't need or want the weight of a whole framework for the front end. Am keen to utilise DataTables so I can develop a bootstrap/responsive front end.

  • switter65switter65 Posts: 6Questions: 1Answers: 0

    Platform: ASP.Net MVC 4, SQL Server 2008

    I am using it as a search table for accessing individual items for editing and viewing (both link-driven and modal popups). DT was the most flexible grid I could find with the least amount of coding. I looked at MS's web grid, mvcgrid, and jqgrid.

  • mambobrownmambobrown Posts: 3Questions: 1Answers: 0

    Needed a flexible, useful and feature rich datagrid that had all the bells and whistles. It had to be easy to implement and could handle multiple types of data sources. I needed this tool for a high profile project that our company was working on. Datatables not only meet the requirements but it exceeded my (and our clients) expectations. Not only am I a big fan of DataTables but our customer is too! Thanks DataTables you saved me a lot of development time.

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    Hi everyone,

    I have taken a few months off work as a civil engineer to try develop a Construction Management Platform primarily for Civil Construction (possibly for use in other Project Management Areas). This is something I have been looking into for a few years, due to a lack of decent and affordable software in the industry and my fustration with most players using poorly developed excel spreadsheets for all management tasks. I would like to develop a minimal cost solution for the industry.

    As the platform is to be, by its nature, very database driven I was started building a php/mysql based website (learning html&php on an as needed basis). A friend introduced me to Twitter Bootstrap, which opened the door to jquery. Looking over some bootstrap themes, I came across Allan's datatables and saw the benefit in using Datatables Editor to build and interact with my many tables. Although it has meant a whole new learning curve to start climbing, the overall time savings and simplification of my code (it was getting pretty messy!) has been outstanding.

    Five months since starting this project (it was intended to be a two month break - this developing is addictive!) I am nutting my way through datatables piece by piece. The support from this community has been excellent, especially from Allan himself, and for that I thank you all.

    For the meantime, here is a screenshot, from my facebook page.

    This page I am currently working on. I have managed to get a nested table to work (user selects a resource from the timesheet, and a drill down table shows the break down of that timesheet item. My current issue is trying to pass the timesheet item ID as a variable into the nested table... the fun continues :P

    Best Regards,

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    I am using DataTables to make my new personal aviation site look pretty and semi-professional

  • mrogersmrogers Posts: 15Questions: 4Answers: 0

    We finally have our programs sorted nicely for prospective students:

  • bernardmamcbernardmamc Posts: 4Questions: 0Answers: 0

    Thanks all the Jquery Datatable Development.
    It's the best tools/plugin I used ever.
    I used Jquery Datatable on my reporting system for my clients
    And all the reports are excellently represented .
    Once again, thanks so much

  • cdaringecdaringe Posts: 7Questions: 3Answers: 0

    I use dataTable for a variety of basic information rendering.

    I just released a plugin to couple it with ampersand.js (micro backbone.js). The module takes a collection and renders that collection into the dataTable. Using the events on the collection AND the DataTables API, I can simply work with my collection as usual and the dataTable will auto-refresh!

  • mscreeniemscreenie Posts: 3Questions: 0Answers: 0

    Thanks for the development of this plugin. Has helped us and cut hundreds of hours by cutting out Excel of our business processes. I've used this plugin on a few projects. Mainly inside CMS's for businesses with very specific markets.

  • viliuskuviliusku Posts: 1Questions: 0Answers: 0

    KUSoftas CMS uses DataTables everywhere it needs any data list. KUSoftas CMS is easy skinnable, SEO optimized completely browser based content management system based on PHP scripting language, Smarty template engine, jQuery JavaScript library and RESTful software architectural style. CMS version 2.7 introduces pure PHP full-text enterprise indexing and search engine. Search engine supports xml, json and dataTable (server side) format (which can be interesting in the scope of this discussion). More info:

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