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How are you using DataTables?



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    I'm using Datatables for
    You can see browser average from all your google analytics websiteprofiles.
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    I am using datatables at a school district for the administration page of a laptop workorder and assignment database. I currently have over 2500 assignments and 250 work orders that are being tracked and managed and we are only 2 weeks into deployment :-)
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    I started by doing a pile of research to pick a AJAX capable grid for use on a web application I am building at home. A number of months later I bypassed a number of other grid packages we use at work to pick DataTables for a Black Berry Torch web application because it was much lighter, cleaner and simpler. I also intend to add DataTables to a Sermon website I have been maintaining for years simple because it is so easy to quickly decorate and upgrade a standard HTML table. That part is important because many users get at my site using older browsers.

    One very happy DataTables user. Thanks for a great tool.
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    We've been using DataTables a lot at USA Today to embed interactive data sets on story pages. But yesterday we published our most sophisticated data table to date to highlight NCAA football coach salaries. The table features expanding/accordion rows that show up to five years of contract data, a photo of the coach, school revenue numbers and an embedded Google chart that graphs the coach's salary, the median salary for whatever conference he's in and the median coach salary overall.

    You can find it here:

    And here's a blog post on how we implemented the accordion rows:

    Thanks to Allan for all the fantastic tutorials and documentation, and thanks to fbas for helping me out when I was hitting my head against the wall. Without you guys, I'm not sure we could have pulled this off.

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    We where at GuildStats use Datatabels as our primary way of displaying statistics for our users, it allows us to show all the data the user could want with a nice async callback making sure the user experience is great.
    We also got a lot of new features for free when we added Datatables, like sorting,filtering and search.
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    Working on an internal system so that our billing support team can keep track of which customers where billed for what type and amount of server usage. Our product is a Media Server.
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    ps. the billing team loves my implementation so far and finds it extremely useful. Thank you :)
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    We do web application that allows you to import XML documents with data on salaries of public sector employees on the basis of clearly defined structure of the XML document.

    Data is read and written to the datatable and the application is carried out analysis of individual data sets and displays information on the cost of wages. The choice of a test version can not be an XML document has a preconfigured XML document with a ten employees.

    Below the table are buttons with links to the code lists, alerts, background information and graphics on the level of the year or month.

    On link page press "Testna analiza" button to get inside the aplication:
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    It's an amazing software simply but very effective , i have a big autoparts store in mexico and all my pieces & products has very strange names, anyway i use it as an online auto parts catalog. Thank you allan, you're amazing.
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    Hi I would be gracefull if you could help me on how can i embed datatables in Wordpress I am not so good a programmer but I really need that help. My email is THANKS :)
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    I am using datatables in intranet web application. Its an application for people who monitor logistics operations. It is used by 200 people over the world for 10 markets. They search and filter data and then enter dates when container and similar arrives. They have 35 columns they can sort, filter and search and enter data. They like the feature that they can customize the table. They can hide and rearrrange the columns and set different default combined searches. And then store them as bookmarks. I use datatables in combination with jQuery components: jEditable, Maskedinput,TableTools.

    I have built it completly on the Microsoft stack with MVC3, C#, SQL Server 2008R2, it uses winauthentication and AD groups to decide what markets the user could see.

    It has worked well in an interative approach. First I had normal mvc html style table. But the customer wanted more of Excel feeling. I then simply added a few javascript calls to Datatables and we leaped. So I think datatables works well in a Agil development process. It easy to improve as you go along.
    First I let datatables only use client data that worked fine except for Internet Explorer 7. Where its poorly javascript engine made it startsup time long for big rowset.
    I then rewrote the serverside part so it now does all search and filtering and paging serverside instead. There I am using C# Linq to SQL (or actually Linq to EF but with DbContext instead, because I like the codefirst approach) to handle all the dynamic sql to send to the SQL server engine.
    I have kept the simple look with one search box in the client.

    I like the support that I have got for the product. It is even better then the commercial products RedGate (sql tool) and Arvixe (host service) support which I think is outstanding. You get quality answers and adjustments in under 60minutes sometimes. So I think people should donate more and buy more support.
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    Great Plug-in, currently being used for all tabular data display with a SOX File validation system for derivative data.

    Soon to be used for a derivative matching system, once I can sort out dynamic column ordering selected by drop down.
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    Thank you for this great plugin. Il use it server side with more than 300 000 entries on a french travel website for finding best prices :
    Just 2 days of development to finalize it...
  • quytennisquytennis Posts: 14Questions: 0Answers: 0 is an awesome plugin! Took a little time to learn but so powerful and the documentation as well as the forums are great resources.

    Using it to build simple tables to export data from Fan Page List for some clients. May even build it into the main site at some pint.
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    Using dataTables to drive my markers in a Google Maps mashup
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    I'm developing a website as a central repository for data on transforming growth factor family proteins! This is to aid researchers for various fibrotic and nephrotic diseases! Great work by the way!
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    I'm using DT on several projects.

    1. Using DT as a replacement for Excel reports. I have an automated process that generates a DT of all the processed invoices from the night before. This HTML report is sent out to the business and they can quickly search their invoice by NAME, ID, AMOUNT, etc. The generated report is very light as I'm using CDNs for DT and JQuery.

    2. I have also used DT to help with batch jobs. Using datatables I can quickly search all jobs with a similar status, and then select all to do a batch process. Great way to find the important tasks.
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    I'm using DT for my rugby club stats :

    Comments appreciated.

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    Hello all...

    Here's my 2 cents.

    — CHristian
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    I just declared a case on Red Hat site for RHEL Cluster Suite default on servers, and workflow for ticketing build with datatables JUI.
    (I can't to give you my Red Hat account).
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    I am using datatables in a number of pages via backend Json and loading it via a Javascript array. I was using ZFdatatable originally under Zendwork, but datatables is a much better solution.

    Once you get the hang of how to control it, adding a table to a page is quick and painless.

    Brilliant work Allan!

    thanks for making my job a lot easier and my code look a whole lot better.

    Darren B.
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    I perform professional services development for document automation software. One of the programs I support runs as a set of Windows Services, much like a web server or email server. This is fine for automatic workflows except there is no GUI, no visibility to what the server is actually doing at any point. I've written a custom plug-in which creates time-stamped JSON records to log activity, and am using Datatables to display / manage these log entries in a web browser. The web page also allows users to launch jobs with a custom HTML form per job, contact tech support, etc. but the primary functionality is to display, sort, filter, save, print, and otherwise work with the log files to display near realtime status on what the system is doing.

    Thanks for the great tool.
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    I'm using Datatables on my website ClanFinder:

    It's great cause I can modify the results for custom filters.
    It saved me a lot of time and effort. Thank you guys so much for this great plugin.
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    I first started using DataTables when I worked at a company called adbeast maybe 4 years ago. Since then DataTables has been my go-to plugin for all tabular data.

    The plugin is fantastic and Allan's rapid response to technical questions all those years ago was amazing.
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    I’m using Datatables together with YUI library as a stock screener
    similar to Google Finance screener.

    Good API and rendering speed makes Datatables good choice especially for building complex applications not only for displaying tabular data.

    Thanks for your great work.

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    Hello ,

    Great plugin ! Using it for some internal aplications inside a big french company

    would love to donate some , if i had any right to .

    Thanks for your amazing work.
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    The first thing I have to say is: WOW, this is honestly the best code/plugin I have seen for jQuery. Not only is it thorough and very well thought out in terms how easy it is to make it work with zero config, but in how you can modify it for your own needs and be seamlessly added into your own code and style sheet. But wait, there's more: Its not just documented, but documented very well with examples.

    You have my respect and praise. I've been in the IT field now for over 25 years in most every role and the last several years the quality of code has dropped; and have and lets face it, software patches get applied nearly daily these days due to quality issues. Rarely, if ever, does one see such all encompassing quality.

    Integrated into a medium sized Canadian corporation's internal and external web sites where users enter query parameters and matching records are displayed. Underlying tech is J2EE application using Spring MVC in a clustered multi-tier server config. Throw in more jQuery, AJAX and JSON for the clients browser.

    I looked at several jQuery table implementations and this one stood far apart from the others even before I started looking at the JS and documentation. Now its becoming our new standard in HTML data tables.
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    Here is a new Service Desk/Ticketing/Service Management tool that utilize Datatables. Here is the link to the home page:

    Great plugin!
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    I'm using DataTables to provide quick sorting and filtering of a (currently) 9226 row table.
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