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13th May 2022
By Allan Jardine -

DataTables 1.12

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of DataTables 1.12. This is an incremental upgrade, modernising many parts of our default styling and significantly improving internationalisation abilities.

As a quick run down, in this post I will introduce the following enhancements in DataTables:

  • Built in date / time rendering and ordering
  • Automatic locale rendering for numbers
  • Ordering style improvements
  • Row colouring improvements

With this release of DataTables we have also updated all of our extensions to ensure full compatibility, make their new features available and address known issues. Please see the end of this post for links to the full release notes for all released software.

Additionally, this release spells the end of our IE6 and IE7 support for DataTables. While the Javascript hasn't had its support hacks for those browsers removed yet (and won't be until DataTables 2), so it will continue to largely work in them, any CSS hacks for these legacy browsers have now been removed so we only distribute fully valid CSS.

Let's see DataTables 1.12 in action - it will immediately be familiar to anyone who has used DataTables before:

NameOfficeStart dateSalary
Tiger NixonEdinburgh2011-04-25320800
Garrett WintersTokyo2011-07-25170750
Ashton CoxSan Francisco2009-01-1286000
Cedric KellyEdinburgh2012-03-29433060
Airi SatouTokyo2008-11-28162700
Brielle WilliamsonNew York2012-12-02372000
Herrod ChandlerSan Francisco2012-08-06137500
Rhona DavidsonTokyo2010-10-14327900
Colleen HurstSan Francisco2009-09-15205500
Sonya FrostEdinburgh2008-12-13103600
Jena GainesLondon2008-12-1990560
Quinn FlynnEdinburgh2013-03-03342000
Charde MarshallSan Francisco2008-10-16470600
Haley KennedyLondon2012-12-18313500
Tatyana FitzpatrickLondon2010-03-17385750
Michael SilvaLondon2012-11-27198500
Paul ByrdNew York2010-06-09725000
Gloria LittleNew York2009-04-10237500
Bradley GreerLondon2012-10-13132000
Dai RiosEdinburgh2012-09-26217500
Jenette CaldwellNew York2011-09-03345000
Yuri BerryNew York2009-06-25675000
Caesar VanceNew York2011-12-12106450
Doris WilderSydney2010-09-2085600
Angelica RamosLondon2009-10-091200000
Gavin JoyceEdinburgh2010-12-2292575
Jennifer ChangSingapore2010-11-14357650
Brenden WagnerSan Francisco2011-06-07206850
Fiona GreenSan Francisco2010-03-11850000
Shou ItouTokyo2011-08-14163000
Michelle HouseSydney2011-06-0295400
Suki BurksLondon2009-10-22114500
Prescott BartlettLondon2011-05-07145000
Gavin CortezSan Francisco2008-10-26235500
Martena MccrayEdinburgh2011-03-09324050
Unity ButlerSan Francisco2009-12-0985675
Howard HatfieldSan Francisco2008-12-16164500
Hope FuentesSan Francisco2010-02-12109850
Vivian HarrellSan Francisco2009-02-14452500
Timothy MooneyLondon2008-12-11136200
Jackson BradshawNew York2008-09-26645750
Olivia LiangSingapore2011-02-03234500
Bruno NashLondon2011-05-03163500
Sakura YamamotoTokyo2009-08-19139575
Thor WaltonNew York2013-08-1198540
Finn CamachoSan Francisco2009-07-0787500
Serge BaldwinSingapore2012-04-09138575
Zenaida FrankNew York2010-01-04125250
Zorita SerranoSan Francisco2012-06-01115000
Jennifer AcostaEdinburgh2013-02-0175650
Cara StevensNew York2011-12-06145600
Hermione ButlerLondon2011-03-21356250
Lael GreerLondon2009-02-27103500
Jonas AlexanderSan Francisco2010-07-1486500
Shad DeckerEdinburgh2008-11-13183000
Michael BruceSingapore2011-06-27183000
Donna SniderNew York2011-01-25112000

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14th Feb 2022
By Sandy Galloway -

Social Media for DataTables and CloudTables

DataTables and CloudTables are entering the social media era!

On Twitter, there are feeds for DataTables and CloudTables. These feeds will be used for posting when new releases are available, we'll post updates about pending features and share general information that the community may find useful.

We also have a new YouTube channel for CloudTables. This will include the existing tutorials, additional videos for new features, plus we'll post frequent short videos for tips and tricks that will you get the most out of CloudTables.

Hope to see you all there!

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26th Nov 2021
By Sandy Galloway -

Introducing StateRestore

StateRestore is a new extension for DataTables that builds on the stateSave initialisation option by allowing users to save multiple states which can then be restored at a later point. There are of course several initialisation options that allow users to customise the behaviour of the extension to suit their individual needs. The states can be saved in the session storage, or sent over ajax and saved on the server.

You can see an example below - click the Create State button to save the first state:

NamePositionOfficeAgeStart dateSalary
Tiger NixonSystem ArchitectEdinburgh612011-04-25$320,800
Garrett WintersAccountantTokyo632011-07-25$170,750
Ashton CoxJunior Technical AuthorSan Francisco662009-01-12$86,000
Cedric KellySenior Javascript DeveloperEdinburgh222012-03-29$433,060
Airi SatouAccountantTokyo332008-11-28$162,700
Brielle WilliamsonIntegration SpecialistNew York612012-12-02$372,000
Herrod ChandlerSales AssistantSan Francisco592012-08-06$137,500
Rhona DavidsonIntegration SpecialistTokyo552010-10-14$327,900
Colleen HurstJavascript DeveloperSan Francisco392009-09-15$205,500
Sonya FrostSoftware EngineerEdinburgh232008-12-13$103,600
Jena GainesOffice ManagerLondon302008-12-19$90,560
Quinn FlynnSupport LeadEdinburgh222013-03-03$342,000
Charde MarshallRegional DirectorSan Francisco362008-10-16$470,600
Haley KennedySenior Marketing DesignerLondon432012-12-18$313,500
Tatyana FitzpatrickRegional DirectorLondon192010-03-17$385,750
Michael SilvaMarketing DesignerLondon662012-11-27$198,500
Paul ByrdChief Financial Officer (CFO)New York642010-06-09$725,000
Gloria LittleSystems AdministratorNew York592009-04-10$237,500
Bradley GreerSoftware EngineerLondon412012-10-13$132,000
Dai RiosPersonnel LeadEdinburgh352012-09-26$217,500
Jenette CaldwellDevelopment LeadNew York302011-09-03$345,000
Yuri BerryChief Marketing Officer (CMO)New York402009-06-25$675,000
Caesar VancePre-Sales SupportNew York212011-12-12$106,450
Doris WilderSales AssistantSydney232010-09-20$85,600
Angelica RamosChief Executive Officer (CEO)London472009-10-09$1,200,000
Gavin JoyceDeveloperEdinburgh422010-12-22$92,575
Jennifer ChangRegional DirectorSingapore282010-11-14$357,650
Brenden WagnerSoftware EngineerSan Francisco282011-06-07$206,850
Fiona GreenChief Operating Officer (COO)San Francisco482010-03-11$850,000
Shou ItouRegional MarketingTokyo202011-08-14$163,000
Michelle HouseIntegration SpecialistSydney372011-06-02$95,400
Suki BurksDeveloperLondon532009-10-22$114,500
Prescott BartlettTechnical AuthorLondon272011-05-07$145,000
Gavin CortezTeam LeaderSan Francisco222008-10-26$235,500
Martena MccrayPost-Sales supportEdinburgh462011-03-09$324,050
Unity ButlerMarketing DesignerSan Francisco472009-12-09$85,675
Howard HatfieldOffice ManagerSan Francisco512008-12-16$164,500
Hope FuentesSecretarySan Francisco412010-02-12$109,850
Vivian HarrellFinancial ControllerSan Francisco622009-02-14$452,500
Timothy MooneyOffice ManagerLondon372008-12-11$136,200
Jackson BradshawDirectorNew York652008-09-26$645,750
Olivia LiangSupport EngineerSingapore642011-02-03$234,500
Bruno NashSoftware EngineerLondon382011-05-03$163,500
Sakura YamamotoSupport EngineerTokyo372009-08-19$139,575
Thor WaltonDeveloperNew York612013-08-11$98,540
Finn CamachoSupport EngineerSan Francisco472009-07-07$87,500
Serge BaldwinData CoordinatorSingapore642012-04-09$138,575
Zenaida FrankSoftware EngineerNew York632010-01-04$125,250
Zorita SerranoSoftware EngineerSan Francisco562012-06-01$115,000
Jennifer AcostaJunior Javascript DeveloperEdinburgh432013-02-01$75,650
Cara StevensSales AssistantNew York462011-12-06$145,600
Hermione ButlerRegional DirectorLondon472011-03-21$356,250
Lael GreerSystems AdministratorLondon212009-02-27$103,500
Jonas AlexanderDeveloperSan Francisco302010-07-14$86,500
Shad DeckerRegional DirectorEdinburgh512008-11-13$183,000
Michael BruceJavascript DeveloperSingapore292011-06-27$183,000
Donna SniderCustomer SupportNew York272011-01-25$112,000
NamePositionOfficeAgeStart dateSalary

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