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9th Apr 2021
By Sandy Galloway -

Internationalisation Contributions

DataTables's internationalisation plug-ins allow the presentation layer of DataTables to be localised. The aim has always been to make it as easy as possible for the community to submit translations for DataTables. Over the years a number of contributors have submitted pull requests on Github for 84 different languages. If you are one of these contributors, we would like to thank you for improving DataTables! As time has gone on however, more configurable language options have been added to DataTables and its extensions which has lead to a lot of the languages being left incomplete.

A couple of months ago we deployed a new tool to allow people to contribute to the internationalisation plug-ins without having to create a pull request. The ease of use of this tool has meant many new submissions have been made, with several entirely new translations added. We hope this new tool, along with this blog post, will make it easier for more people to contribute to DataTables and complete the missing translations.

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9th Mar 2021
By Allan Jardine -

Editor 2

I am delighted to introduce Editor 2! It has been almost 9 years since I originally introduced Editor, and the v1 series of releases have introduced a large number of major new features, including multi-row editing, custom templates, and support for .NET and NodeJS on the server-side. Now v2 is here.

The major new features of Editor 2 are:

  • DataTable as an input
  • Nested editing
  • Inline editing with multiple fields
  • Bootstrap 5 support
  • Tidy up

This article discusses these, upgrades, licensing and more in detail.

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29th Jan 2021
By Allan Jardine -

Bootstrapped Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Steve McLeod of the Bootstrapped podcast. It was recorded and is now available as a podcast. We discuss how I started DataTables and progressed from having it as a side project to a full time job with a company employing three people. If you've ever wondered about the history of DataTables, this is a great place to start.

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